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Week 8!

Last week we were looking at another super sense… SMELL!

We added lovely scents in our kitchen area on Monday and our chefs cooked and baked up some delicious dishes!








We have done games and experiments to test our sense of smell.  We had to close our eyes and use our nose to smell what Mrs Meadows was holding infront of us.








We watched a video about what our noses are for and then did an experiment to show how far our germs can spread if we don’t catch our sneezes with a tissue.










We have been very busy outside this week despite some poor weather.  There has been trips to the forest to get ingredients for the mud kitchen, hide and seek and lots of water play to name a few.






















When it was nice and dry at the start of the week we carried on painting the sand/ mud pit, its looking lovely and bright!















We have been to the shore to watch the waves crashing! We spoke about the sea and rockpools, what we could see and smell, listened to the waves and did some road safety.








We have also  done lots of building! We made a hot tub out of the bricks and tarpaulin and it needed lots of filling up! Then we made a house to shelter under while it rained using good team work and strength to move the heavy tyres.  It was lots of fun.






















Inside we have been loving having our climbing frame back! We have been monkeys, kings and queens and made a den. We also had our obstacle course out to practice our balancing which was very poplular. Finally we have been continuing to work on our lovely family trees and they are all looking super!



Week 5!

We have had a super busy week and are now half way through  term 1 already!

We started off the week by making our family trees. We molded clay for our tree trunks and stuck in twigs from our forest. We left them to dry and will draw our family members on the leaves that we have gathered from the forest to stick to our twigs!

We have been making playdoh for baking in our kitchen and been for walks to the forest and play park. On Thursday we all got our waterproofs on and made a big puddle in our playground to splash in. We then decided to go on a puddle hunt to find a bigger puddle!

We have LOVED having the rice in the tuff tray to measure, pour, weigh, make rice cakes with and so much more!

We have been dancing and exploring to different genres of music, rock and Shetland dance was a firm favourite! We discussed how different types of music makes us feel and what it makes us want to do (run, jump, sleep). We then tried to match it to each of the colour monsters depending on how it made the children feel (happy, sad, calm, angry, love, scared).

On Friday we had the magnets out in our loose parts and watched a video about magnetism and why magnets repel and attract. We discovered lots of things in nursery that were magnetic and also found out that we could move the magnetic balls on the tuff tray with a magnet underneath which was very exciting!

In the afternoon we went to the OOSC garden and forest to play hide and seek and found 2 frogs! The one in the garden was a small frog so we decided to put it back to the pond. But the one in the forest was a big one so we left it in the long grass!

Thursday 2nd May

Easter Week!

We had such a busy week learning all about Easter, making crafts, tasting different eggs and had fun doing an Easter egg hunt!

Trip to the fire station!

We all had a fantastic time visiting the fire station this morning! We got to put the lights and sirens on in the fire engine and use the hose which was great fun!