Fire Fighters

The bairns have shown a huge interest in fire engines and being fire fighters the last couple of weeks. Here is a fire engine they made from blocks and chairs.

Yesterday a bag full of poles and instructions were given to the bairns. They set to work building their fire engine!

“See *knock knock* hard, dese hats hard to protect my head if it falls my not get hurt” – Connal

They spent a long time putting different pieces together

And showed fantastic team work

“It’s actually really hard!” – Johanne

”We need some help” – Anri

Maximus noticed the instructions showed different coloured poles. We found each pole had a coloured sticker inside it. Maximus took charge of the instructions “we need 5 yellows!”. It took a while to find all the yellows.

We decided to put the poles in to groups of the same colour so they were easier to find.

We recognised the poles were different sizes, some were long and others were shorter. We played a game with Mrs Colvin  where we tried to find which group a pole belonged to without looking at its colour.

Katie discovered you can also sit on the poles and roll along the floor.


We did it!!


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