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SMUHA Enterprisers – Final Jewellery Design

I will be placing the orders for this beautiful necklace on Friday.

Please get contact me if you would like to order one.

During SMUHA week, some enterprising pupils from P6 went up to Shetland Jewellery’s workshop in Weisdale. They learned all about the jewellery making process, and then came back to school to create their own design. The group worked together to create a piece that has the school logo’s lighthouse, a peerie galley and a Celtic knotwork sky.

Sophie Whitehead-Robertson has worked her magic over the week to have a completed piece, based on the pupil’s drawings.

We are delighted that parents, friends and families are able to order this unique piece. The pendant will cost £40, an can be ordered through the school office. Please email us for any more information/to place an order.

At special request, this piece can also be made into a brooch.

The price we are able to offer you is fantastic, and much lower should it be bought off the shelf.

John Swinney’s Visit

This morning, Mr John Swinney visited us and had a tour around the school. Mr Swinney is the Deputy First Minister of Scotland and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills.

He chatted to lots of pupils about their learning and had time for a quick chat with staff too.

We had a pupil from every year group help to show Mr Swinney around: Logan, Innes, Freya, Magnus, Evie, Carla and Archie did a fantastic job. Logan and Innes gave him a copy of our Children’s Improvement Plan and a little Shetland Gift.


JRSO Competition

On the 31st of May the JRSOs announced their competition.  Primary 1 – 3 had to colour in a cycling helmet and Primary 4 – 7 had to design a road safety sign. Over the week, the JRSO kept an eye on the entry’s to see how everyone was doing.

On the 7th of June the JRSOs  judged the entry’s and it was very hard to choose between some. It was so hard to choose, that there was a joint second in the 1 – 3 competition!

In the 4 – 7 competition

First place was  Carys.


Second place was Lily-Jane

Third place was Cole

In the 1 – 3 competition

First place was Fiona

Joint second was Georgia and Freya

Third was Alexander

By Katie, Emmy, Archie and Ruby.

Staycation day 5 part 2

I thought the Scatness dig was really interesting and I had a lot of fun playing on the swings and going on the zip line. -Lauryn

I really enjoyed today at the Scatness dig then we came back to school and had lunch. After lunch we went to Sandwick park then we went to the swimming pool and I had fun.-AJ

Final Day of Staycation, part 1

The last day of what has been a fabulous week! There is so much to do in Shetland! Today we’ve found a couple more Geocaches, been to the Scatness Dig, the Croft House Museum, the Sandwick play park then a swim to finish off! The pupils have been brilliant all week, they have all enjoyed themselves and the staff have too!

Staycation day 4

Another great day, luckily we had indoor activities planned for today, so we were not put off by the wind! Mrs Hay and Mrs Graydon took Bertie, Lauryn, AJ and Zara to Aa Fired Up and then the museum.

Staycation day 3

What a brilliant day we’ve had. We started off with some puffin watching, and apart from a rather keen fulmar that decided to crash land on us, it was good fun!

We then headed to the Sumburgh hotel for lunch before a tour around Oscar Charlie. Thanks very much to Al Summers for showing us round, and to the rest of the crew for welcoming us and letting us see and use some of the equipment.


Thank you also to Pippa for helping us out today too!


We’ve had a super start to our P7 ‘Staycation’. We did a little Geocaching before getting sidetracked on the Scousburgh Sand for the rest of the afternoon – it was beautiful and warm so a perfect way to spend some time! 

A beautiful spot near Spiggie beach!

Geocaching, but can’t give too much away about the exact location, you might be able to guess!