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During S2 pupils will study a unit called:


this will focus on diet and health, with emphasis on the dietary goals and the nutrients needed by individuals

Week 8

demo cheese shortbread/ cheese straws

task – link the dish to dietary goals

Week 7

Vegetarian curry

See the source image

the importance of eating less meat, using vegetable protein eg lentils, chickpeas, Quorn meat substitute.

this helps illustrate the dietary goals such as eat less fat, reduce calories and maintain meat levels at 70g per day, eat more fruit and vegetables.

Week 6

meatballs with tomato sauce

red meat is used to make meatballs, which are high in protein and iron.


the dish is baked to reduce the fat content and fresh tomatoes and veg supply vitamin A & C

teenagers need protein for body growth and repair, and they also need iron for preventing anaemia. Vitamin C helps the iron to be absorbed.

this could be served with bread, pasta, rice or potato

next week

Week 5

Macaroni Cheese with options

See the source image

pupils will prepare macaroni cheese using  pasta and a cheese sauce. They will then add a variety of vegetables/ oily fish  to make the dish more exciting and  contain more vitamins and minerals

the dish will be baked in the oven to give it a crispy topping

suggestions could include

  • broccoli or any other green veg for vitamin C
  • oily fish for vitamin D

next week meatballs with a tomato sauce

Week 4

Tattie wedges and dips

See the source image

Pupils will make tattie wedges by baking unpeeled potatoes, and using herbs and pepper for flavour rather than salt.

this helps illustrate the dietary goals

  • eat less fat
  • reduce calories
  • eat less salt
  • eat more fibre

Pupils will make two dips,  these dips will use low fat yoghurt, and oil rather than fat. They will taste and compare the two dips saying which one they liked and why.

the class will make suggestions on how to reduce fat in the diet and will be aware of the traffic lighting system found on food labels.

next week: macaroni cheese with a twist

Week 3


See the source image

this week the focus will be on protein foods – where they come from, what they do

the dietary goals this dish links to are:

  • maintain red meat consumption at 70g per day,
  • eat less fat – grill or bake rather than fry,
  • eat more fruit and vegetables

Bring a container and £1.20, or £1.40 to include a tinfoil dish

food will be removed from the skewer before leaving the classroom

Week 2


See the source image

our sponge pudding will be similar to the above picture, a sponge with a sauce bake in one in the oven. Pupils will use a tin foil dish to cook in and take home in.

Bring £1.40, and your own box to carry home safely if you wish. this pudding illustrates the use of sweet carbohydrates and their place in our diet.

Pupils will be made aware of the dietary goal ‘eat less calories’ and ‘eat less sugar’, as well as the role instant energy has in the diet.

Week 1See the source image

Starchy foods – fish / plain potato cakes

bring £1.40 (or £1.20 and your own container)

main points –

  • preparation and boiling of potatoes,
  • assembling of fish cakes
  • organisation of the work station
  • use of the grill, if time allows
  • knowledge and understanding of the nutrient carbohydrate, with links to the dietary goals: eat more fibre, eat less sugar, eat less fat, reduce calorie intake



Anderson High School – Home Economics

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