Week 1

Healthy Breakfasts




Breakfast Crunch pdf

Week 2

Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble

Week 3

Tortilla Wrap


Week 4

Fruit Muffins

Fruit Muffins pdf

Week 5

Pizza Pinwheels

Pizza Pinwheels pdf

savoury toasts




Ready, Steady, Go!

Here are  dishes/recipes you will be making in your first unit in S1. We will be using them to develop some basic skills you will need to learn to work safely and hygienically in the kitchen!

(the cooking week starts on a Wednesday)

week 6 – Scones

Pupils will be shown how to make scones, then will go on to make a batch on their own,  following the recipe and demonstrating good kitchen hygiene and safety procedures. Pupils will work in pairs with one making and one assessing the progress. Next week they change places.

This peer assessment will be recorded in pupils’ progress files. The  Ready Steady Go! unit is now complete and S1 will move on to Healthy Living.

week 5 – vegetable soup

See the source image

if possible bring a flask, 500ml size, anything to carry soup home in safely.

week 4 – flapjacks (Wed 26th Sept)

See the source image

Pupils have now used the oven, and handled hot items. They know how a recipe is set out, and how to follow it. They will use their own judgement to work out whether each stage is ready, and  to move on to the next one.

by this stage they should be able to show they understand personal hygiene, kitchen hygiene, how to follow the recipe, and they know the routine for clearing up and washing/drying dishes.

health notes – this recipe is high in sugar, fat, energy, fibre, calories, long lasting energy and quick release energy, Oats are good at helping lower cholesterol. this recipe can be made GF,  high fibre, vegan, and dairy free by using coconut oil, and can be cut into large or smaller bits. If they break up they can be used on yoghurt or ice cream as a crumble topping.

You can argue the health benefits and the health risks for ages but they do taste good. Add dried fruit, nuts, or grated apple, banana for extra flavour. Reducing the sugar makes it crumbly. Changing the butter to dairy free spread will change the flavour, so flapjacks should be eaten as a treat.

eco notes – bring a container for the flapjacks, it will be made in a square tin, and will be cut up to go into a container. This saves 20p and saves single use tin foil dishes.


week 3 – shortbread (Wed 12th Sept)

See the source image

demo shortbread this week and pupils will make it next week

ingredients are flour, butter and sugar in the proportion of 6:4:2

Usually 150g plain flour, 100g butter, 50g sugar

However the recipe may vary, by using margarine or butter substitute, and adding some brown flour, or changing the sugar.

Gluten free shortbread biscuits

150g GF plain flour 50g cornflour 125g butter 25g ground almonds 75g caster sugar

Depending on the shape and size of biscuits, 15 minutes or so at 180 degrees C. These were very successful the first time I made them,  I used soft brown sugar, with a little GF brown flour mixed in for texture.

this practical lesson is all about judgement – is the dough ready to roll out or shape, is the oven hot, is it thick or thin enough. too much flour on the unit or too little. is it cooked, just enough or too much.

bring a container for the shortbread, it will be made in a round tin, and might be cut up to go into a container, or could go home in the dish it was cooked in.

Current week – Fruit salad
(next week – Shortbread.)


Image result for image fruit salad

Eco notes– try to take a container with you, the fruit salad will take up about 500ml. A wide neck flask or Tupperware tub is ideal. We can give you a polystyrene cup but it may not travel well in your schoolbag.

The focus is on safety and sharp knives, personal and kitchen hygiene, so that the fruit salad does not give anyone food poisoning.… and bacteria like warmth so put the fruit salad in the fridge as soon as you get home.

Last week – bacon roll and a hot drink.

Image result for image bacon roll

if you’re absent: make it at home and take a photo

Eco notes – you will have time to eat this in class, If you’d like to take it home to eat later then you can bring a tub, a small one will do. This prevents you having to buy a tin foil dish for 20p and throwing it away afterwards

Related imageImage result for recycle for shetland








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