Burravoe Primary School

Halloween Horror

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It was late and Ava sat alone staring at the last of the sunlight fading from the sky. She unwrapped a chocolate bar and took a small nibble as she did she pulled the noisy wrapper back over the chocolate bar. “I will save the rest for later” she said to herself. Small footsteps were sneaking up the stairs. “Hello?” she called but no reply.


She put on her slippers that always sat beside her bed and creeped along the floor. She pulled open the door and creeped down the 3 sets of stairs to the kitchen. She got a massive knife and creeped back upstairs.


Heavy footsteps were coming down the stairs. She tucked into the old study bearing her knife in her small scratched hand. She was shivering a shadow lurched around the door. She stuck the knife out as soon as she saw a green hand.


She heard groans and left the study looking at what she had just stabbed. She pulled it up the stairs by the collar on the monster’s shirt. She dragged it into the spare bedroom, opened the cupboard doors and threw the zombie into the pile of dead people. She then shut the doors and locked them twice.


It was 4:30 AM Ava got up and got dressed. She went in the spare room and picked up the wardrobe and took it out the front door. She tied it on top of the car and went to get breakfast she took a packet of candy corns into the car and drove to the prison.


Once she arrived she opened the front door of the prison and went to reception. The lady at the desk was sleeping because it was 5 AM, she took the cell keys and unlocked the cell stopping any of the public getting in. She unlocked each prisoners cell letting them follow her out the front door and into the wardrobe.


She took them to her house told them they would be safe on 1 condition. They worked for her, helping her take over the world and get rid of these bodies. Anyone who failed to do so would get stabbed unexpectedly. 1 by 1 the criminals dropped like flies. Her house was dead body heaven. But was this the end for Ava?

One Comment

  1. Ava sounds like a tough cookie! Wouldn’t mess with her. Look forward to the next instalment!

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