Burravoe Primary School

Fun Land


There is a family they were 5 of them altogether 2 adults the parents of course and three children. A teenager, a child about 10 12 ish and a baby a cute little Munchkin.

They lived in a little cottage, roses growing up the side very tiny and pretty. They lived in a place called fun land a big lovely land where the clouds where made of marshmallows. They seemed normal but they weren’t.

The whole family were angels the parents Alistair and Eleanor. The kids Avery, Joleen and Barny.

Alistair has smart black hair that is always combed perfectly, he wears a white robe. His angel wings are always checked by his loving wife which brings us on to Eleanor.

Eleanor is a loving kind angel that likes to help others, her hair a lovely warm and welcoming blonde neatly parted into carefully beaded pigtails. She has a lovely clean white silk dress.

Then there is Avery the moodiest angel and the older sister of Barny and Joleen. She has a blue angel dress and black fingernails. She enjoys making silk shoals for her and her sister.

Now we have Joleen the most adventurous angel you’ve ever met. Her dress so different, she has a rainbow dress with blue and purple stripes. Her hair a beautiful browny red mob beaded at one side. She is a very bouncy character.

Last and not least Barny he is very cute in his pure white baby grow and his little wings just sprouting.

One day Joleen was strolling through the gummy trees when she saw two shimmering dancing objects in the queen’s garden, she went closer to see more of these strange things. Then she realised she was starting to float, farther and farther away from the creatures. She tried to scream but the gust of wind felt like it was covering her mouth. She knew how to signal but that didn’t work. Then suddenly she could talk again she screamed so loud that she thought that the whole of fun land could hear her. Then one of the strange objects was flying towards her………………………………..

The next thing she knew she could feel a lovely warm mane in her hands she realised that she was on a horse, not a horse in fact but a unicorn, she was amazed. She could just make out a caterpillar on the ground magically he appeared in the skies. When the ride was over she set off on her way home. When she was still a block away from her house she could hear Barny screaming and Avery’s loud music bursting out her open window. When she got home she explained to Eleanor what had happened that day. Her mum said in a kind calm voice unlike what Joleen was expecting “Oh honey I think that you need a cloud to help you fly.”

“A CLOUD, AWESOME” Joleen shouted with glee.

She burst up stairs to tell Avery but her big sister didn’t hear, she was too busy listening to her music. Then she went into her parent’s room, rolled over the bed to Barny’s cot, since she was 12 she could lift up her brother now he is about 11 months old. So she lifted him out of the cot and span him around.

Then she lay him on the bed and told him the news, he gurgled. The next day she went back to the palace to see if the creatures were still there. They were there. There was a silence then Joleen spoke her voice small and thin for one because she was scared and she also talked a lot yesterday “thank you” she coughs and speaks again louder this time “thank you for saving me. It’s a nice day for a fly”

Then the unicorn called Bob spoke, his voice smooth like melted caramel “yes it is, why yes it is”

“And I think the caterpillar should come to” exclaimed Joleen

“Why yes please. You can call me Wiggler ” said Wiggler

So that is what they did, they all went flying together until dawn and laughed happily and played fly tag. They agreed to go flying everyday together and always helped each other. Whatever happens they will always be friends.


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