Burravoe Primary School

The Storm


At the mountains there was a boy called Bob he wore a red t-shirt and looks very angry. But he was quite nice. He went for a walk at the mountains. He was walking then a big blob of goo came his name was Ditto he jumped up and down then he went back in the ground. Then he looked up there was a big brown ball then he landed on a little mountain then he looked closer it was a Manotaur half bull half man. Then he went over to the enchanted forest where there were more mystical creaturs. went to the enchanted forest but first Bob had to go through a gloomy cave. So he went down a hill and entered the cave when he went in he saw red eyes he waved his hand then he screamed it was bats he has a phobia of bats. He saw light… accidently he doble jumped over a rock snake  as long a whale. He ran out the cave but then the rock snake got stuck in the exit. Then he saw the forest so he went down a hill then he entered he walked about 5 steps then a yellow spider about 2 metres big. it came out the bush it had sparks going around its body. Then the spider electrocuted HIM!…… He woke up looking at the Manotaur he bring him back home to the mountains he put him on the ground then the Manotaur Then he jumped in to a mountain then came out on the other side. Then Ditto came from under the ground and brought his brother Diddo. They looked the same but one of them was purple and the other one was blue. Bob thought they looked like blobs of goo. Then the Minotaur jumped from the clouds to the ground then Bob went closer to the minotaur. after that he never saw the minotaur again.


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