Burravoe Primary School

A Day at the Beach


One day Mario and Bowser went to the beach which had an orange sand and a green sun. Mario has brown hair and wore an orange hat. He has brown shoes and green and blue dungarees, he’s a good guy. Bowser is a bad guy he has a green shell and sharp teeth. Bowser took Mario’s hat and he though it and Mario’s hat was in the air and Mario caught he’s hat. Mario said let’s play with this orange ball. Ok said Bowser. Who is going first asked Bowser. I will say Mario. Mario hit the orange ball and Bowser jump to catch it. When they were finish, Mario and Bowser made their own competition. Whoever jumps the highest wins said Mario.  Bowser jumped high but Mario jump higher then Bowser. Bowser jumped so high that he fell with a bang. Are you ok Bowser said Mario? Haw my leg is sore shouted Bowser.  Can you make it better said Bowser? I will try said Mario.  Mario got a medicine cream form he’s pocket and put it on Bowser’s leg. Is it ok said Mario? It’s a bit better said Bowser. Bowser tried  to walk and it got better it worked said Bowser. My medicine cream always work said Mario. Mario said will you be my friend? Bowser thinks about it and he said Ok. Mario and Bowser played all day long.

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