Burravoe Primary School

The Great People Rescue


One dark and gloomy day a boy named Billy a girl named Ivy with a magic dog called Maxamus went on a giant smooth blue boat. They sailed across the wet shimmery sea. Until… a annoying orange octopus made a hole in the bottom of the boat and a mermaid went in the boat and it sank down to the bottom of the sea .The mermaid said sorry to Billy, Ivy and Maxamus “it’s ok but can you show us a place we can stay?” said Billy and Ivy. “There is a hotel called sand-wick across the street or you could stay with me?”Said the mermaid called Summer. “We will stay here at the hotel but every morning come and see us, ok?” Barked Maxamus “Ok” said Summer.

“How did Maxamus talk?” said Summer.

“He’s a magic dog!” said Billy and Ivy. “Let’s go!” They all said at once. When they got to the hotel it was yellow and made of hard sand, but when they got in it was just the life. But then it struck midnight so they thought they’d better go to bed. When they got up the stairs they saw their room it looked warm and so comfy. Billy on top bunk with a blue

, Ivy went on a cabin bed and Maxamus slept on a magic carpet. When it turned morning Summer swam up to their room and knocked on the door and said “Hi it is Summer the mermaid!” Said Summer. Opened the door. “Morning come in!” said Maxamus, frightened.

“Why are you so scared?” asked Billy and Ivy.

“Sharkkk!” said Maxamus.

“Stay in the hotel and be quiet, ok? said Summer.

“Yes we will.” replied Ivy and Billy. When the shark was gone Summer said “you’d better go home.”

“We should probably go home… but we could visit you again!” they all said at the same time.

“Bye bye!” they all said. The next day Billy made a new boat and they are still sailing to this day.

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