Burravoe Primary School

Safe Shetland


Here in Shetland it is very quiet. It is safe, there are not very much traffic, there are not very much crime. You can trust nearly everyone.  Everyone it really friendly. When you are walking past people then they say hi to you. We don’t have very many police stations. Here the people are very kind, helpful and if someone is lost they would help them.


  1. Dear,Mia, Wow you did a pretty good job:)
    You are good story writer!:)
    I love your STORY


  2. Dear Mia,

    I like your blog. But one of your senteces are wrong. You wrote Everyone it freandly.But it is suposed to be Everyone IS freandly.


  3. Shetland sounds pretty nice! You know instead of calling it, Shetland, it should be “Friendly Shetland.”
    Here is a fact about Texas/Lone Star State, it’s name means friendship! What continent is Scotland on?

  4. Who rocks? Shetland rocks!

  5. Shetland must be a good place to go to for a safe vacation.I would would like a place that peaceful. Phillip from texas

  6. Wow. I can not beleive how awesome that sounds. I have never been on an island before, Much less a place with practically no crime. You must be very lucky to be in that place. It must be nice to not worry about intruders or bullies. Gage, Texas

  7. Wow, it sounds like Paradise Island! I wish I lived there!
    Alex, from Texas

  8. That sounds like a very nice village with peace and quiet. It sounds like a nice place to live if you want to read books. If we came to visit would we change your island or town? What does your school look like? What does your town look like?

    Our town, Copperas Cove is really colorful because there are lots of trees and plants. On the weekends there is more traffic than on school days because on school days our parents go to work. On the weekends they are off. It is friendly here too. There are a lot of schools so there are a lot of people to meet.
    We go swimming in the summers. In the winter if it is not too cold we can play outside and watch TV.
    We rarely have snow here in Texas. Sometimes when it does snow we have a snow ball fight.

    What would you do if you were in Copperas Cove?

    3rd grade from Texas

  9. Star: When you also said it is quiet and safe that is a very nice place to live especialy if youre on holidays.
    Star: That you included that you can trust nearly everyone as it is very inportant who you trust.
    Wish: To use is instead of are.

  10. Star: That you described youre Shetland island as quiet and safe. I would like to come and vist.
    Star: That you can trust nearly everyone as it is inportant who you trust and who you dont.
    Wish: To use is instead of are like you put. There are not much crime.There is not much crime

  11. That sounds like a nice place 😀

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