Burravoe Primary School

Dunrossness School, Jarlshof and Shetland Croft House Museum



On the 4th of May Burravoe School went to Dunrossness School, Jarlshof and The Shetland Croft House Museum. First We went to Dunrossness Primary School for Sustainable Development Education Day we got to Dunrossness School we parked up the bus and got out of the bus, and went inside and met Ms Simpson who took us to her room and let us put are jackets in there. Next we went in to the hall. Where lots of people ready for a big announcement. We sat down too and watched 3 children explaining about why we had came to Dunrossness. Once they had finished Ms Simpson told the audience who is here and that she thought that our school wouldn’t be able to come because of the snow but we surprised her by being able to come. Next we were allowed to move are and look at the displays one of the displays was ours. After we had a look around we had to go in groups for workshops. When we were on the ferry to Toft we were told what groups we were we in. I was with Lucy in my group, First Lucy and I had to wait until a Lady called Mrs Hay had rounded up 6 other children. So we had to wait for about 2 minutes. After we saw Mrs Hay with 6 other children we went to our workshop. We made pots out of news paper, It was fun and easy! We got to chose what plants we wanted in our pots. After we had finished our workshop we went in to the hall to get something to drink from the tuck shop, I got a carton of juice. Next we had to go to our next workshop which was where we had to work in groups and work out questions.  It made us think as some of the questions where quite hard. We finished that after 12:00. Lucy and I rushed off to the hall to meet the others. Then we had to grab our coats and go to the bus.  


When we got to Jarlshof it was snowing so we had to wrap up warm. We went into the little shop/museum ,where the man let us eat our packed lunch that our cook Elsie had  made for us. I had a tuna sandwich.  We had to chose from cheese, ham, jam or tuna. Which sandwich would you like? After we finished our sandwiches we got to look around the museum. While the others were eating we had a go at grinding wheat to make flour. Next we went outside and explored the houses that the Vikings lived in.  


Shetland Croft House Museum  

We went there to also learn about crofters and what their houses used to look like.  Some of us had been there before like me. We saw a peat fire which had peat in it, we saw beds with wooden doors covering them. They also had 2 barns where they kept the animals like horses and pigs. Outside they had a boat shed where they would have kept things.


  1. Hello My Quad Blogging Friends,
    We enjoyed writting about Dunrossness to all over the world to our quad blogging friends. Enjoy Quad Blogging!
    Charlotte 🙂

  2. hi 0_0 thank you for your awesome post card it sonded like you had some awesome fun awesome post card oh did i tell you that your post card was awesome i would love to go there but i have travellsick ness which is unawsome but ben is triple awesome

  3. Lucy Thank you for the post card. From Dylan

  4. Hi burravoe primary,
    WOW thankyou for our post card it sounds like you had a wonderful time.I would have had the jam sandwich.

  5. That trip sounds fun i beat it is i wunder what its like there.

  6. Thank you lucy for the post card,I bet the museam was good would you be a viking or would you want to be you.

  7. Thank you for the pots card and that loverly picture i hope you had a nice time!!!!!

  8. Dear lucy,

    I would just like to say thank you for the postcard you sent our school ( worsbrough common primary school ) we all are really thank full for it. 🙂 I really like how you described your day and diffrent things in diffrent rooms and it really did sound really great. Would you ever go again? What was your favourite part at the museam? xxxxx 🙂

  9. thank you for the postcard also your trip sounds amazing i want ton go.

  10. Thanks for your post card your trip looks awsome, and was it an old building?

  11. Thankyou for your post card.and i wanted to know if you enjoyed your trip and what reason did you go for.

  12. Thank you for your comment,
    I don’t think I would like to during the vikings, because of the amount of food you would of got wasn’t much!
    From Charlotte

  13. Your trip sounds fantastic, what a fabulous job you did of recounting your visit. I’m sure you learned a lot about the Vikings. Do you think you would have liked to be alive during Viking times? I wonder if you would have preferred being a Viking or living as you do now?

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