Burravoe Primary School

Making Pots at Dunrossness


On Friday the 4th of May we went on a trip to Dunrossness School. We all met in the hall and were told a bit about the day; we got a few minutes to look at all of the interesting display boards. Then we had to get into our groups for our workshops, once we had been sorted into our groups then we set off to where ever our first workshop was taking place. Me and Charlotte had to go across the road and into a little building with “Out of school club rocks” written in the windows and this was where we were going.


We all walked into the room on our left after coming through the main door and started the workshop. First Mrs Hay showed us how to make the pots, there were special wooden things that looked like stamps which we had to use to finish off the pots. Once we had finished making three pots then we had to fill them with dry soil and plant the plant or seed, since the soil was dry we put a drop of water in the pot to moisten it. We couldn’t put too much water in because the pot might start to get a bit soggy. Once we had finished that then we got to do a word search or a sheet where you had to see how many words you could make out of the word “Sunflowers.”


There were people that came into the room to take some pictures so I got to plant another flower. My flowers were 2 Livingston daisies, 1 Sunflower and 1 Nasturtium. Then it was time to go to the next workshop so we all collected our plants and went to the next work shop.


Once we got back to the school then we headed off to our next work shop Me and Charlotte had to go through quite a lot of corridors our next work shop was with Davie Comings, first Davie asked us to get into groups and he gave us a piece of scrap paper to write our answers on. Next we were asked if the world was a village of 100 people how many would be from Asia ECT. Next he showed us a video all about that so we could see what the actual answers were. We were shown another video about the problems that the earth comes across some of the problems were pollution, terrorism, war, global warming, famine and cutting down trees. We had to pick 2 problems from that video and we had to come up with solutions for the problems. The problems that my group chose were pollution and terrorism our solutions were electric cars and divided land.

We thought that the electric cars would stop the pollution and divided land would stop people from fighting. After we had done that then it was time to go so me and Charlotte headed back to the hall (which was VERY hard!) but once we’d found our way then we met up in the hall again and once we were all there then we signed out of the school and then went to the bus.

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