Home Alone

Home Alone is about a little boy called Kevin that accidently gets left home alone at christmas. While his mum, dad, sisters, brothers, aunt, uncle and cousins go on holiday. Burglars see the family go on holiday and decide to rob their house. Kevin sets boobie traps to keep away the burglars he makes some great inventions. I like this film because it is a good film to sit in with the family and watch, it is a comedy. Kevin is the main best character because he is the funniest. I think every age group would like it. I recomend that you watch this film because it is finy and there is 3 more Home Alone films to watch, although the first one is the best by far.

8 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Reece

    I agree that it is an excellent, funny movie and I enjoyed watching the movie. I liked how Kevin set up all the traps and how one of the burglars got his face burnt with an iron! Your blog is very interesting and tells the reader what it is generally about. :)

  2. Caroline Breyley

    Well done – you have done the film review request as asked for one of your snow tasks! You have given a plot outline, said why you like it and who else might enjoy it. Often the first film in a series is the best isn’t it!


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