Aberdeen Hoilday

Me , Lucy, mummy and dady went to Aberdeen went it was fun.We went shoping in shoping  centres .We bought  lots of clothes.We went to Union Square Shoping Centre. We had a grat time in Aberdeen then we back to  the Northlink  boat. I had steak pie for supper and then me and mummy went back to the cabn and I watched Shrek 2 on the mini tv.

5 thoughts on “Aberdeen Hoilday

  1. Mrs. Watson

    It sounds like you had a great time n Aberdeen. Did you have to travel very far to get there? If we want to go to a shopping mall we have to take a 30 minute ferry ride and then drive 2 hours to the next town. The malls there are still pretty small. If we drive 4 hours we can get to big shopping malls. Have you seen the Halloween Shrek special? It is funny!

    Mrs. W

  2. Caroline Breyley

    I’m glad you had such a fun time in Aberdeen and managed to get a new wardrobe!
    Remember when you add ing to words like shop that you have to double the last letter when you have a short vowel sound before it so it should be shopping.


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