I    play on    my   wii   and  on    wii  sort    . and    I  play     tenis     and      then      I     played.        my     Ds    on     MarIo     cart   ds   then    I   played.       the     wii       agen        then     I     had    a      ingegen        on      my   arne  then    I   play.   ds    dalod     play     then       I       played    sord     play      on      the      wii     then     I      play .     weth     dogow     and      my       gogos   and      my      Ds      then      I  played     my      ds       batl.     game     weth    Melissa.

6 thoughts on “28/10/10

  1. User deactivated

    It sounds like you had a good time playing your Wii and DS.I like playing the Wii with Kerry, we play wii sports and Just Dance.I think that you could have added a bit more about gogos.

  2. Courtney

    Your story was very interesting to read. It sounds like you have a lot of consoles. Which gaming console do you like the most? How many games do you have for all your different video games?

  3. Mrs. Watson

    It sounds like you had a lot of fun! My family has a Wii too, but we don’t seem to play it very often. We do like playing a family game of Wii bowling though and my oldest daughter has a Disney Princess game that she likes. Have you tried Wii bowling before?

    Mrs. W


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