Oct 292010

I    play on    my   wii   and  on    wii  sort    . and    I  play     tenis     and      then      I     played.        my     Ds    on     MarIo     cart   ds   then    I   played.       the     wii       agen        then     I     had    a      ingegen        on      my   arne  then    I   play.   ds    dalod     play     then       I       played    sord     play      on      the      wii     then     I      play .     weth     dogow     and      my       gogos   and      my      Ds      then      I  played     my      ds       batl.     game     weth    Melissa.

  6 Responses to “28/10/10”

  1. I have played bowling befor and I pley my wii befor and I did have fun at the holadays.

  2. It sounds like you had a good time playing your Wii and DS.I like playing the Wii with Kerry, we play wii sports and Just Dance.I think that you could have added a bit more about gogos.

  3. Your story was very interesting to read. It sounds like you have a lot of consoles. Which gaming console do you like the most? How many games do you have for all your different video games?

  4. It sounds like you had a lot of fun! My family has a Wii too, but we don’t seem to play it very often. We do like playing a family game of Wii bowling though and my oldest daughter has a Disney Princess game that she likes. Have you tried Wii bowling before?

    Mrs. W

  5. I didn’t realise that you had so many games on the Wii; I hope you managed to do some outdoor things as well!

  6. I have enjoyed reading all your holiday stories. You all sound as though you have been really busy!

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