Daily Archives: October 28, 2010

My Holiday

On Tuesday mum, dad, Kerry and I went to Lerwick, mum went to a child safety course. Dad, Kerry and I went to the swimmig pool I got stuck in the rapid rivers but eventually I got out, Then I went into the jacuzzi then down the floomes. After swimming we went shopping then we picked up mum. It was time to get booked onto the NorthLink so that we could get to Aberdeen. We went onto the boat at 7 o’clock and arrived in Aberdeen at 7 o’clock in the morning. Once we got of the boat we went to a shopping centre, first we went to Primark then we went to all the other shops. We went to the new Union Shopping Centre Mum, Kerry and I went shopping while Dad went to pick up the new car, when we were finished shopping there we went to pick up the car it was a blue Ford Focus we went to two other shopping centres then we had to catch the boat we got of the boat this morning, we went to Granny’s house then we went to school.

My Holiday

On my holiday I walked the dogs with my sister. I went and watched tv and played on the computer. My brother showed me how to play chess. We went to Lerwick a few times one of the times my mum bought me and Feionne a new costumes. Brydon came down and played. We went and got Chinese on Thursday. I beat everybody at draughts  at my house except Charley who won a couple of times and Brydon once and my dad didn’t want to play. Me Brydon and Feionne played monopoly.

My October Holiday

In the October Holidays we went Guizing(Guizing is like Trick or Treating). In the olden days they would do different sorts of guizing. They would go guizing at Christmas and New Year and would go and visit the older folk around Burravoe to cheer them up abit with lots of singing and dancing. I dressed up in white ghoul outfit and a scary mask. We started at the shop. We got a lot of sweeties and money (The money was for the Hallowe’en party which is on the 29th of October.) Hallowe’en is when witches are suppose to come out.

On a Saturday I had a cousin day with my cousins! We went swimming in the Clickimen, We played in the river rapids and on the flumes a lot of the time because we loved them. Me, Nicole, Scott and John went in the Jacuzzi, It was very,. very, very, bubbley. We went out of the swimming pool and got our clothes out of the lockers and got changed in the changing rooms. We went up to the café and got chicken nuggets, Mam, Lauren and Julie sat at a diffrent table than us other guys. Lauren couldn’t come swimming because she hurt her ankle. We went and watched a movie at the Garrison Theatre, The movie was called Cats and Dogs, The Revenge Of Kitty Galore. Auntie Julie bought us all popcorn, juice and sweeties. The movie was funny and exciting.

My Holiday

On my holiday I went to auntie Elaine and uncle David’s wedding. I went there in a bus, when we arrived we just waited around the café where they were getting married. When the wedding started Christopher was running around the front and came for a lift with me when we stood up. After we went to the dance and me and some of my cousins played around the hall because it is like a maze! In a secret room that I found there is a football table so my cousin James and his friend and me played with it. We played it until the end and I went home on the bus.

I also played the PS2. I played The Simpsons Hit and Run. I drove around doing missions and blowing up cars. I found the ROCKET CAR and got it to jump into the playground.

I went to James’ house we had two games of draughts I won the first game but I was silly on the last game so James won. After we played monopoly with Feionne, I was in the lead but mam came to fetch me James says he won, Hmmm.