Oct 282010

On my holiday I walked the dogs with my sister. I went and watched tv and played on the computer. My brother showed me how to play chess. We went to Lerwick a few times one of the times my mum bought me and Feionne a new costumes. Brydon came down and played. We went and got Chinese on Thursday. I beat everybody at draughts  at my house except Charley who won a couple of times and Brydon once and my dad didn’t want to play. Me Brydon and Feionne played monopoly.

  3 Responses to “My Holiday”

  1. No the dogs weren’t hard to walk because I’ve done it before.

  2. Were the dogs hard to walk? When you put about the costumes you put a new costumes. I enjoyed reading it because it was intresting and because I’m in it!

  3. Chess is a great game, I’m glad you’ve learned how to play; its the sort of game you can play with lots of different people who have different levels of skill.

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