Hospital Art

One of our parents has very kindly volunteered to help us to bring some hope and brightness to the staff and patients at the Hospital.

The hospital has asked for children to create some artwork to be displayed in the corridors and doors of the hospital.

If you would like to take part follow the instructions below.

  1. Create your cheerful picture and colour it in. paint/ pens/crayon/pencils
  2. Take a photo of your artwork and upload this to your class Teams and your teacher will then send it to Mr Hardy or Mrs Reid to be added to the Holmston Website pages where we can spread the cheerfulness further.
  3. There are instructions in Teams about where to drop your pictures off. Please do not take them to the Hospital
  4. The box with be collected by a nurse from the Hospital.
  5. If you cannot drop you artwork off please send a photo of it into either your Team or the school email.


Thursday Update

I hope you are all settling into a routine of some description and if you need any support please get in contact with us.

Please make sure you are accessing Teams as pupils now can get a log in for Education City. The details for this are in the Class Teams sites. We will be contacting families that have not logged on next week to see how we can support you to do this.

The website list has been updated with some new links. Please have a browse through some of the sites. These include virtual museums, resources for different subjects and links to YouTube channels for yoga, card game ideas and multiplication songs.

We will be starting an Accelerated Reader Challenge during May for the P4 to P7s. Links to the quiz pages and book finder can also be found in the useful website section. Here you can also find instructions for joining the librarby to borrow ebooks and a link to the free audiobook version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Even if you are facing challenges completing any of the online work try to share a book with your child or encourage them to read as often as they can. Please contact us if you need any passwords or usernames.

Stay safe!