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Visit to the airport

Today our Early Years Centre went a visit to the airport, we have been talking about transport and what some of the differences are between them, so we decided to use the local 361 bus to take us to the train station and then got the train to the airport. The children had a great time and were looking at numbers, signs, colours, and sizes in the local environment around them.  The children had a surprise visitor at the airport when 2 residents from South lodge care home came to visit us. They played hide and seek with Harry and helped him to take some pictures as he hadn’t been in the airport in over 50 years!! The only disappointment of the day was that the children were not happy that they didn’t get to go on a plane …… maybe next time !

“We need to go back, I need to pack my case and go on the plane”

” I go up the stairs on the plane to big Americas!”

“Trains don’t have wheels!!!”

Believe – 2018 Christmas Show

To top off our entertainment learning theme we certainly entertained! 

Our show featured character ‘Richy Rich’ who, despite being very successful, is a very unhappy man. He soon realises there is more to life than his career and learns the true spirit of Christmas.
Work starts in August with ‘the big class’ working on characterisation and plot. A script is written after many ideas are shared. I don’t have enough words to explain how creative, engaged, committed, motivated and talented the pupils are – you really need to see it to believe it!
We turned into a real entertainment business to create this show and to tell this modern twist on a traditional tale.  The Literacy learning and Expressive Arts is clear and evident throughout the process.  We also linked our holistic Maths assessment to figure out how many tickets we could sell, what the best mince pie deal would be, how much profit we would make and how to spend the profit!!  A true example of CfE in action.


See below for some photos and pupil reflections:


Richy Rich – We thought of stuff we haven’t done in the past and we came up with the type fo story we wanted to tell.   I thought I couldn’t do it because I kept forgetting my lines when we were rehearsing. However, I kept practising with my mum and dad, I kept getting better and better. I found the show night quite nerve wracking but when I was on the stage the words just flew out. I enjoyed when people were dancing along with ‘All I want for Christmas’. My grandparents kept saying I should go to acting school and my parents said they should book me a slot at the Gaiety.

Random Duck – I felt really excited because I got to be the comedy character. I acted funny to help make people laugh. I wasn’t nervous about doing it in front of people because I have performed in loads of shows and assemblies now. I felt confident. My mum enjoyed when I sang ‘I can see clearly’ and she started crying after ‘Somewhere Only We Know’.

Superstar *** I thought it was going to be easy but it wasn’t as easy as I thought. You have to practise so you know it off by heart and don’t need to look at a script. You have to know your part so well that you can be confident and deliver the lines like the person would. There was a lot more people in the audience than I thought there was going to be and when I first went on stage I could see them all looking at us; I felt nervous. I just didn’t think about it and I just thought about doing my part well and how it would make them feel. My mum said I was really could and I couldn’t have done any better. My nana said I was good and funny when I was doing the twirls. My dad said I was good at singing.

Lucinda Loveadore – At the beginning we were all sharing ideas of what we wanted to do, we pretty much all wanted to doing something like good versus evil. I designed an evil character but I didn’t want to be it. I didn’t mind what kind of part I had. I was really excited at first when I first heard the script and I just wanted to start rehearing because it sounded so good. I started practising and reading over the script as soon as I got it because I didn’t want to forget my lines and I thought if I started learning them at the beginning it would be easier. At first I thought it was a very ambitious show and it would be very hard to pull together but we all did our best and it turned out really well. Just before I was going on stage I liked the nerves and I used the nervous energy to help me perform as well as I could. It was a very exciting night and I just really liked doing shows and stuff in general. I like seeing my dad and mum crying because my dad doesn’t normally cry and he was probably quite proud of me.

Penelope Peaceman – Every pupil created characters and wrote different plot ideas. We discussed what would fit well together. I was very happy with the character I got because I was one of the main characters and that’s what you want in P7 because it’s our last year. I was scared that I wasn’t going to learn my lines on time and that I would forget them on stage but I worked hard and managed to learn them on time.  I was very nervous because it was a full house and everyone was eyes on you when you were talking. A weight was lifted when I finished ‘I have a dream’ and I could relax and enjoy it a bit more. When I got home everyone said well-done you were amazing, and so did my friend. Both my grans were crying at ‘I Have A Dream’ and I saw my dad have a wee tear in his eye.

Suzie Sensible – We had to keep changing the script to keep making it better and get the story right. I enjoyed my character and I liked when I was my turn to have centre stage. I had to find a dress that would suit my character and I had to find tights that looked nice. I was a bit nervous and shaky but then I felt ok. I was my birthday and it felt really special doing it on my birthday because my nana came to the show. My friend gave me a nice compliment saying I was good standing up, being confident, and saying my lines. My nana and my parents said I was great.

Ronnie Rich – We looked at different characters when we designed them and came up with back stories to help us know who they were and how they would act. I was quite worried just in case I messed up my words because I thought I didn’t pay enough attention to it at the beginning but then in the middle of rehearsals I started practising about an hour every night. My sister helped me and I helped her. When it came to show night I think we were both bang on and I received quite a lot of compliments. My mum said, ‘I’m so lucky to have you as my son.’ My aunt said, ‘You did so well I was crying halfway through.’

Bertie Balance – I liked the idea of doing it like a scrooge type of story and liked how we got to choose what character we wanted to be in it. We got to design characters and we decided what ones got to be in the show and what ones didn’t. I said my lines in my head and I said them to my mum and dad to get me ready. I was a bit nervous considering the hall was full of people. What I did was I imagined nobody was there so I wasn’t as nervous. I enjoyed it because I enjoyed the singing. I liked it also because we got a mince pie when we were leaving!   My mum said I was good enough that I could play games when I got home. She liked the character I played.

Superstar * At first it was hard to learn the parts because we had to muck about with it a few times to see what was the right way to play the parts and stuff. As we progressed it stared to come together and we started to understand more about how the story should be told. I said my lines to my mum and I would peek at the script if I got stuck. Show night was nerve wracking but once you got out and on stage it felt a lot easier. I enjoyed that I didn’t get embarrassed and I made the crowd laugh with ballet dancing. My nana said that it’s the best show she has ever seen in 40 years. My mum said it’s the funniest show she has ever seen.

Superstar ** – We started thinking about what we should do for a story and then we thought of an idea called ‘Believe’. We started writing a script to tell the story. Then we sorted out who would do each part. I practised my lines till I knew them off by heart. There were loads of people there; I didn’t think there would be that many. It was hard to not laugh and I got a bit embarrassed but I enjoyed it. My mum and dad said, ‘good work’ and they really enjoyed it. In the last song my mum started to cry.


Mrs Martin is so proud of all of the children for their astonishing performances!

What the pupils said:

I felt scared because there were so many of my family there to watch me but I feel happy because I did really well.

It was really nice that John and Varry came from Youth Club.

I was really nervous for both shows so I tried to concentrate on my lines so I wasn’t distracted by my mum. I enjoyed being a narrator.

I was really happy that my dad got to come and see the show – he stuck his tongue out at me and made me laugh!

I enjoyed when the wee class were on the bench and my dad was making funny faces at me.

I enjoyed when my sister was in the front row and she stuck her tongue out at me so I stuck my tongue out at her. My favourite part of being a narrator was when we got to go up on the stage.

I am proud because I think I did a really good job of screaming like a fan.

I really liked being a narrator and when I was holding up the ‘Cheer’ sign my mum was smiling at me. I felt very nervous.

I enjoyed being the Lemonade stand man because I liked making angry faces.

I was nervous when I had to speak into the microphone but I LOVED IT! I was really proud of my big brother being Richy Rich – I think he did really well.

I thought it was funny when my brother sang “I can see clearly now the rain has gone.”

My brother was funny when he was dancing!

I thought my brother was really good at playing Ronnie Rich.


Our fantastic script also got us to the semi finals of a nationwide competition.

See what the local press said:


Elf Antics

Twinkle the elf came back to visit us, the children are  having a great time trying to find him and see what he has been up to everyday!

“He’s a cheeky Elf and makes a BIG mess”

“Maybe if he be good today Santa will pick him up and he’ll be excited, he’s a good elf doing lots of fun things”

“He’s a cheeky elf and made a mess of the nursery with balls everywhere!!!”

Trip to Culzean looking for conkers and signs of Autumn (2.10.18)

At Culzean we looked for conkers, leaves, Acorns and lots of signs of Autumn. There was lots of lovey colours, but we couldn’t find any conkers! We collected some Acorns, leaves, Pine cones, and Berries to display on our Harvest table.

“Don’t eat the Berries…..they are for the birds!”