The Big Class

Our upper school pupils learn together in a P456 classroom.

The school values of Respectful – Responsible – Safe – Kind – Helpful – Tenacious permeates everything that we do.  Our kind and nurturing ethos ensures all children feel supported, listened to and respected.   Our older learners take on helpful roles of responsibility to help ensure this is a school that truly values pupil voice.



Home Learning Help

Please find attached the suggested learning grid for this week.  In addition to these suggestion please keep reading! This is one of the most important skills to keep going.  Books are available from school every Monday and if you have read everything in your colour band Jamie can put out more,  just let us know.   There are many games and activities you can play at home to keep up your maths skills and I can help if you need some new ideas.

Mrs Martin and I will host a virtual playtime on TEAMS this Thursday at 10.30am.  We had a few people join last week and it was lovely to get a wee blether.  As ever, if you have any question, queries, suggestion or ideas please let me know.

Badminton Resources from Active Schools:

Badminton Resources PDF 1

Week Beginning: Monday 11th May 2020

This week our learning theme is …..’Friends & Family’ ❤

The lending library has also been set up at school and will be available every Monday.

Hope you are all well.  Remember to get in touch if you need any help, or have any suggestions for how we can better support your child’s learning. 😊

See attached the following:

  • Friends and Family suggested learning activities grid
  • Math Rigour problem solving

Please use this link for your child to complete a very simple wellbeing survey.  Guidance has been sent in a email to every family.

Click the links for some Active Schools resources:

Activity Diary A5 3 (1)

Activity Diary A5 3

Football A4 Print (1)

Football A4 Print

Football Resource A4 single pages PDF (1)

Football Resource A4 single pages PDF

Home Resources – Athletics Digital (1)

Home Resources – Athletics Digital


Pupils working on Spelling books D and E should now be focussing on Unit 15 for the next 2 weeks.

Pupils working on Spelling Book C should continue to work through the units focussing on a single sound at a time. They should also continue to revise the common word list at the front of their book.

All units are available on Spelling City

If any help is required with spelling please email Mrs Holland 🙂

 Week Beginning: Monday 4th April 2020

Monday 4th and Friday 8th are holiday dates


Here is a link to this week’s learning grid:

Wk2 People who help us

There are suggested activities around our PEOPLE WHO HELP US theme.

Here is a larger version of the ‘Daily Rigour’ for Maths

You will need this links for the HWB Yoga Activities:  

Mrs Holland will share spelling information.

All of this information has been emailed to individual families.

Don’t forget the links at the bottom of the page for lots of online activities!

Week Beginning: Monday 27th April 2020

Since the school closure last month we have been monitoring learning and feel that most families prefer more child-led, activity-based learning than formal work. For this reason and to help support families who have children of multiple ages, starting this week we will be giving you a suggested learning theme! This will form a sort of ‘mini-topic’ similar to what we do in school. Each week there will be a separate learning grid from the Big Class and the Wee Class as well as ideas from the EYC – please share these with your child to see what interests them. Some activities will be the same and others will be more age/stage appropriate. These are suggested activities covering multiple curricular areas but we would encourage you to allow your child to develop their own ideas too 😊 and if they would like to learn about something that does not fit in with the theme, please allow them to pursue that interest!

Here is the grid for this week and out ADEVENTURE theme.

Link to PDF: Wk1 theme adventures


I encourage you to keep your children reading books that are age and stage appropriate and let me know if you do not have access to appropriate books or online reading material.  Mrs Holland will post suggested weekly spelling to support a good pace of work.  The websites your child can log onto for a variety of learning opportunities have been shared numerous times; if you are having any connection or usage problems please let me know and I will try and solve any problems.


Week Beginning: Monday 20th April 2020

I have send out emails to all learners/parents this week regarding home learning and to say another wee hello. I’m here to help! I am using the email address provided on your emergency contact details so if this requires to be updated please get in touch with myself or Mrs Hill. Thank you!

If you do want to complete more structured learning, here are some suggested activities:


I’ve emailed every family with the ZPD for each child and guidance to the books that should be read to encourage and extend progress.

This Week’s Writing Challenge

This week you could try some personal writing – you could write about your experience of lockdown so far. This could be part of a future generation’s history lesson!

Write about what it feels like to be on lockdown; what sort of activities you have done so far; what is a typical day like; what are the highlights/best bits; what do you miss the most?

If you do write about your lockdown experience, I’d love to see them – you can type it and email to me or take a photograph and send it to me!!


Pupils working on Spelling books D and E should now be focussing on Unit 14.

Pupils working on Spelling Book C should continue to work through the units focussing on a single sound at a time. They should also continue to revise the common word list at the front of their book.

All units have now been added to spelling city and the login/password for this was emailed before the holidays.

If any help is required with spelling please email Mrs Holland 🙂

Numeracy & Maths

Use activities from your home learning pack or complete your own maths activities 🙂

Remember there are lots of online activities and amazing apps for numeracy & maths – some links below!


Education City logins  for each child were sent home before school closure but some pupils were absent so please get in touch if you do not have a login and I will send it to you. When you have your own login, you can complete activities that I have set for you 🙂

Helpful Resources

Click this link for ideas of indoor play activities: 140 INDOOR PLAY IDEAS

Here is a link to the Play Scotland Loose Parts Leaflet

More play experience ideas and the links to ‘teaching points’ so you can see the wonderful benefits of these experiences!


Create a list of learning theme topics you would like to see delivered in Fisherton Primary.  It’s not long until you guys are the oldest in the school and we’ll be looking for your help to make learning even better!

It’s never to early to start thinking about being a house captain.  You could start planning your campaign and writing your speech now!


I know it is not the term 4 you’ll have dreamed of but email me any ideas of how we can make this really special for you.  Also email me ideas of a fun thing we could all do together in the summer holidays and after this pandemic has passed.

Keep an eye on the Carrick Academy website and Twitter.  Get to know the staff and school you’ll be joining very soon.  Did you know the Design and Technology department have made hundreds of PPE visors for heath are professionals to use to keep safe!!

This link has some brilliant activities included.

Useful Weblinks

Suitable for all learners:Spelling City

Education City (own login required – please email me if you need a copy of yours)

Reading Wise (own login required)

Topmarks (Maths and Literacy)

Free ebooks (need to create login – free)

Money activities

Maths games

Maths games and activities

Phunky Foods   (username: fisherton     password: phunky)

Music Lab




Accelerated Reader (own login required)


Maths games


Link for parents to access free resources to download:


Please email me if you have any queries about your child’s learning


Web links and task information will be added here:

Please click the link below for information on how to support learning from home.  Further updates will be added regularly.

How to Support and Continue Learning at Home


Useful websites:

Accelerated Reader:





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