A very windy day …

We had lots of fun today making and flying our very own kites! It was such a windy day that all of our kites flew easily although some got a tangled up and had to be rescued!

Calum joined us from the nursery and it was a good job because Miss McVie was amazing at rescuing tangled kites!

“I had lots of fun doing tricks with my kite” KS

“I danced with my kite” OL

“My kite was awesome! It was a bit silly and kept going down” CM

“I loved playing with my kite I had lots of fun!” MYC

“Mine went so high in the sky” AG

“Mine got stuck on the fence. It was funny!” LT

“My kite did a loop” ES

“My kite was so high it nearly touched the wires” HA

“I had so much fun flying my kite” LO

“It was cool it kept falling but I still liked it. It was super fun” LD

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