Top Secret Mission…

This morning we went on a top secret mission to the village.  We found out about MANY different jobs.  Some jobs that we didn’t even know existed!! I’m afraid we are secret agents at the minute and cannot reveal our findings.  Watch this space for the full reports in the near future!!


Click the link to see what other boys and girls are saying about their dream jobs!

Developing The Young Workforce


Busy In Media Masterclass

We have been very busy in masterclass and have loads we want to share with you.

mmc1 mmc2

Here are some Tweets we came up with for our class twitter account.


Here is some other infomation we would like to share with you about our school!

In our lunch hall we have a food waste trolley. It has 4 different compartments they are –

  1. Food waste
  2. Cutlery
  3. Liquid
  4. Disposables

When we are finished with our plates we sit them on a shelf for the lunch lady to wash them for the next day.



We go on the trim – trail every time we go out for break time and lunch time. It was installed in 2014.


We are doing  ‘The News’ for our new topic. We have already got a few articles on the P5-7 wall.


The P5’s are learning decimals in Maths. I really enjoy doing it. I don’t know about the others.

We have just finished doing time for our maths. I found it okay.

P5-7 have started rugby every Tuesday with Aiden. Even though I was not there I will be doing it next week.

In PE with Mrs Connolly, the P1-7 are doing Badminton. We started on 18/01/17. It was extremely fun!

On 27/01/17, the school is having a ‘Burns Poem Competition’. The P7’s have ‘Willie Wastle’ by Robert Burns. We have practised since the start of Term 3.

Here is a document with all our Scots poems attched.



Rugby Training

We had a fantastic rugby session with Aiden from Carrick Academy.  He’ll be here for another 3 weeks to deliver rugby to the P567 within Fisherton Primary.

If any pupils would like to join the micros or minis here are some details:

P6/7 training will start back on Tuesday 17th January between 5pm and 6pm @ Carrick Academy.

P1 – 5 training will start back on Thursday 2nd February between 5pm and 6pm @ Carrick Academy.

Or contact….

Michael Kirk – Development Officer (U18 & S1 07969 371324)
Kyle Johnson – Admin Manager (U16 – 07961 076387)
Shania Irvine –  Modern Apprentice Level 3 (Girls Rugby – 07564 950524)
Jamie Reid – Modern Apprentice Level 3 – (07478 947958)
Aiden Strachan – Modern Apprentice Level 3 – (07572 667373)

Role play!!!!

There’s been a big fire in Nursery today!!!! Burns cottage went on fire and needs a new roof, we got the call early this morning at the station, and had to draw  a map of where to go. Luckily we got there on time and managed to put the fire out with the hoses and water packs.

Maths Rotations – What’s going on this week??

We enjoy rotational maths activities as this allows us to explore maths concepts in several different ways.  This week we are delving in to the world of fractions.  Some of us are looking at equivalence while others’ are converting fractions to percentages and decimals.  We play games with concrete materials and by following PowerPoint’s that Mrs H prepares for us.  We take on challenges and apply our knowledge using Maths Workout and TJ Maths textbooks.  Everyone gets a turn to try all the different activities.

Here are some links that could help you to develop your fractions, decimals and percentages knowledge and understanding.


Maths Workout

Fractions explained

Top Marks – fraction games

Dolphin Game – BBC schools



Book Club

We love getting together on a Friday to discuss our books.  We have a range of jobs to do which we all bring in to share with our group.  Book Club helps to develop our reading, writing, talking and listening skills.  We choose ‘Top Banana’ each week and reward them by displaying their work in the class and issuing them with  extra Dojo points.

Top Banana = The person we feel excelled in their task and put the most effort in to producing a piece of work to be proud of.


The task sheets we use can all be found in the P567 homework section of this blog.