Fun online activities :)

Good afternoon,

This term I will be encouraging the children to use numeracy, mathematics and literacy apps in class. During active learning time, I will be putting out ipads for the children to play the games on.

I will be setting work for the children on some of the apps. I will not use these apps to assess children, it is just another fun way to reinforce learning. The apps are also available on ipads, computers, tablets or phones therefore the children can play them at home too.

To begin with, it might be a good idea if you explored these games at home with your children. This will help them become familiar with the app, you are not obliged to do this. It is a suggestion to help link home learning and school learning.

You will need logins for these apps. I can reissue the Sumdog logins if you need them and will issue logins for literacy planet.

As always, thank you for your continued support.

Miss Frew