Homework 24/01/22

Hello everyone,

For homework this week we will be learning the spelling rule “ay”

Spelling rule homework words, to be copied out into your spelling jotter and then a further two times.
1. play
2. sway
3. spray
4. stay

Common tricky words
1. write
2. go
3. see
4. number

As always can you put at least one of your spelling rule words into a sentence. The children have been working hard on their sentence structure in class:

  • Capital letter at beginning of each sentence.
  • Finger spaces between each word.
  • Writing on the line, check formation of letters.
  • Interesting openers.
  • Punctuation, full stop at the end of a sentence.
  • Using nouns and adjectives to expand our sentence.

We would love to see the children challenge themselves by growing the words. For example,

stay – staying, stayed

Here is a helpful video to reiterate the spelling rule video.

Scottish Poem

This week the children have had their Scottish poem to practise at home. This should be a fun, engaging activity for your child that helps build their confidence and motivation of all things Scottish. Please, feel free to contact us if you have any further questions


Your child has been issued a new book to read at home. Please return on Friday.

Many thanks for your continued support.