Week Beginning 22/06/20

Hello, Primary 2,

Welcome back after the weekend. We hope you have had a lovely break. This is our final week of Primary 2 and the school year 2019/2020. 😊 We would like to take this opportunity to say we are so proud of all of you. This year has turned out to be different from what we all expected but you have all coped so well. You have worked hard and showed great determination to continue with your learning.

As it is the last week in school we want it to be as fun and as stress-free as possible. We have organised a week full of activities leading up to a Teddy Bears’ picnic party on Friday. Each day there will be a new task relating to our picnic. Below is a timetable of the different activities.

We hope you enjoy this week. 😊

The final week of Primary 2! 😊
Preparing for a Teddy Bears’ Picnic
Each day the teachers will post exemplars to give you inspiration.
We would love it if you could attach photos each day of the different tasks. Please do not worry if you are unable to manage this. 😉
Day of week Task Guidance
Monday Invitations Can you write some invitations for your picnic. You can use the example provided or write your own. If you are creating your own remember to include:

·              The date of the picnic

·              The time of the picnic

·              Where the picnic is going to be

·              Who is hosting the picnic/who the invitation is from

·              How would you like them to reply (RSVP)

And remember
– 5 finger rule

Tuesday Creating your menu. We would like you to create your own menu for the picnic. The items you choose may not be what you have on Friday but what you would like.
The menu you should also have at least 2 options for people to choose from. You can use the example menu for inspiration.
Wednesday Design a placemat Today’s task is to create a placemat for each of the guests who will be joining your picnic. This is a chance for you to be as artistically creative as you like. We will also post some examples for your inspiration.
Thursday Prepare some food for the picnic Today we would like you to follow a recipe and create something to eat for your picnic. By following a recipe you will be carrying out some maths through measuring your ingredients. This can be something simple such as a pasta dish or even baking a cake. We will also show you some examples of recipes you could follow.
Friday Teddy Bears’ picnic The day has finally come! You can have your magical Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Why not listen to the Teddy Bears’ picnic music while enjoying your food.