Monday 22nd June

Good morning P2E 😊,  right now the IT department are still working really hard to have our teams page up and running again.

For today, your task will be posted here. If you have any problems just send me an email. You should all still have access to those. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Monday’s post

Can you write some invitations for your picnic. You can use the example provided or write your own. If you are creating your own remember to include:
– The date of the picnic
– The time of the picnic
– Where the picnic is going to be
– Who is hosting the picnic/who the invitation is from
– How would you like them to reply (RSVP)
-5 finger rule

We would love to see your invitations. If you can, send in some photos of your invites.

I have hopefully attached the examples to this post.


Example invitation

Blank Invitation

Blank invitation 2