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Christmas Jumper Day

Thank you very much for your continued support with our Charitable Donations.  So far we have raised almost £550 for Save the Children.  There is still time to donate through Parent Pay if you wish.

I am also delighted to announce that we raised over £800 for Children in Need.  In today’s climate this is a phenomenal sum. Well done and thank you once again.

Christmas Hampers

A great big thank you to our Bishopton Family.  We collected so many donations for our hampers that we were able to make up 38 very full packages.  As always our families are very generous.  We must also thank out local Co-op for donating the bags which made Mrs Fraser and Mrs Jack’s job of packing so much easier.  We are very grateful to both of them for doing such a super job.

Rev Smith of Bishopton Parish Church put us in touch with Erskine, Bishopton and Inchinnan Unite Volunteers who were delighted to uplift the hampers and distribute them to families in Bishopton.  Our House Captains made us very proud when we handed over the packages.  4 of the Captains then delivered a hamper personally to a local resident close to the school.

We are very happy to be able to support our local community and once again thank you all for your generosity.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Communication with Class Teachers

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder that parents should not be communicating with class teachers through their child’s Glow email address or through the class Team.  Glow is solely for pupil and staff use.

Communication should be directly from the parent’s own email address and should, in the main, be directed through the email address. If a teacher has agreed to communication from a parent through their Glow email address please be mindful of the fact that are only obliged to respond during working hours, outwith teaching time.

If you have an urgent enquiry  during the school day you can call the office and speak to the relevant depute who will be happy to follow up with the class teacher.

Thank you for your support.

Road Safety Competition

At our assemblies this week we announced the winners of the Road Safety Competition.  We had lots of wonderful entries and it made the job of judging very difficult. Thank you to Abby, Caitlyn and Oliver for helping me to make the difficult decisions.  Each of the talented winners received a Clean Air snood.  They were as follows:

P1C  Orla,   P1M  Harris,   P1P  Callum,   P1S  Ollie,   P1W  Callum, P2E  Craig,   P2F  Oliver,   P2G Phoebe,   P2H  Megen,   P2J  Brooke

P3A  Connor,   P3C  Lucy,   P3F  Ryan,   P3M  Nathan,  P4B  Alyssa,   P4F Lily Mae,   P4J Gabriella,   P4H  Freya, P4M  Leia

P5C  Oscar, P5M  Abigail, P5R   Kyle,   P6A/G Jessica,  P6M  Caitlyn,  P7C Zara, P7H  Olivia, P7M Layla

Our overall winner was Lucy from P3C with this wonderful piece of work which will now be professionally printed as a poster for the school.

We will also be creating a display in school of all the winners for everyone to admire.

Well done to all of our talented entrants and thank you for your enthusiasm.

Our Parent Council have also been working hard to support our Road Safety messages and have put together this very professional video.  Please click on the link.


RSNO and Children’s Classic Concerts Christmas Show

Join RSNO and Children’s Classic Concerts for a free family Christmas show, ‘The Night Before Christmas,’ this Saturday. Kids and grown-ups can watch and sing along as Owen Gunnell makes a mad-dash attempt to organise his Christmas festivities after discovering he slept through the first 12 days of December! The story follows the CCC presenter as he scrambles to organise his celebrations and even discovers he forgot to write his letter to Santa. With a little bit of help from the RSNO musicians and the RSNO Junior Chorus, Owen endeavours to get sorted on time, and get everyone in the Christmas spirit along the way.

‘The Night Before Christmas’ will premiere live on the STV Player and the RSNO and CCC’s Facebook pages and YouTube channels on 12 December 2020 at 2pm.  It will be available to watch for 30 days.

A trailer for the show can be found here:

Christmas Jumper Day – Friday 11 December 2020

This year has not been so good for lots of children and grown-ups.  When it comes to having fun we have some catching up to do.  In this spirit we will be having our usual Christmas Jumper Day to support Save the Children.  We would like everyone to put on a Christmas Jumper. It could be an old jumper or top covered with stickers, tinsel, foil or anything sparkly.  You don’t have to go to the shops!  Our Pupil Council have already made posters and displayed them in their classroom.

As before, we are suggesting a donation of £1 which you can make through Parent Pay.  This will be open until 18 December.

Thanking you in advance and looking forward to a fun day.

Christmas Art Day P5-7

This year we had to change our Christmas Art Day but that didn’t stop us having festive fun and making epic displays. We decided to take this opportunity to thank all of the amazing key workers who have helped us during the pandemic. Every pupil decorated and wrote a message on their own little tree tag to decorate our new Christmas tree.

P5 thank the transport services (bus, trains and lorries), P6 thank education and childcare and P7 thank the food services.

Christmas Art Day P1-4

This year we had to change our Christmas Art Day but that didn’t stop us having festive fun and making epic displays. We decided to take this opportunity to thank all of the amazing key workers who have helped us during the pandemic. Every pupil decorated and wrote a message on their own little tree tag to decorate our new Christmas tree.

P1 thank the emergency services, P2 thank the NHS, P3 thank the scientists and P4 thank the utility, communication and financial services.

Christmas Lunch Order – Return ASAP


 The ingredients for the Christmas lunch have to be pre-ordered and we would therefore request that the tear off slip be returned NO LATER THAN TUESDAY 1 DECEMBER 2020.

The cost of the Christmas Lunch is £2.25 P4-7. P1-3 is free.

Payment is made through the new Parentpay system therefore, if your child wishes to have Christmas lunch and you have not activated your account please do so as soon as possible.

Roast Turkey, Roast Potatoes, Carrots, Stuffing & Pigs in Blankets


Steak Pie, Roast Potatoes, Carrots & Peas


Christmas Ice Cream Pots & Christmas Treat

Milk or Water

Alternative menu for special diets is available

Sumdog Contest – Final Results

A huge well done to everyone who took part in the Renfrewshire Sumdog Contest. Your hard work and maths skills helped your class climb the leader board and helped you to improve too!

Well done to P6M who ended up in the Top 10!

7th P6M, Bishopton Primary School 632
20th P4H, Bishopton Primary School 277
23rd P4M, Bishopton Primary School 255
28th P3A, Bishopton Primary School 232
29th P5C, Bishopton Primary School 231
30th P4B , Bishopton Primary School 229
31st P3M, Bishopton Primary School 225
32nd P4F, Bishopton Primary School 223
34th P3C, Bishopton Primary School 215
40th P3F, Bishopton Primary School 194
41st P3W, Bishopton Primary School 186
49th P4J, Bishopton Primary School 148
50th P6A/G , Bishopton Primary School 144
55th P7H, Bishopton Primary School 119
59th P2E, Bishopton Primary School 108
61st P5M , Bishopton Primary School 102
68th P5R, Bishopton Primary School 92
73rd P2J, Bishopton Primary School 88
96th P7C , Bishopton Primary School 39

A huge effort by the following pupils who managed to place in the Top 50 Pupils:

26th Jack S P3M, Bishopton Primary School 932
27th Cameron L P6M, Bishopton Primary School 931
30th Carly M P3A, Bishopton Primary School 930
39th Seth Y P3C, Bishopton Primary School 925

Renfrewshire Sumdog Contest

The contest finshes at 8pm tonight so if you have any questions left to play, try your best!

We have amazing news from yesterday: P6M were the daily winners for all of Renfrewshire! Well done to all pupils who participated.

7th P6M, Bishopton Primary School 513
22nd P5C, Bishopton Primary School 228
24th P3A, Bishopton Primary School 223
25th P4B , Bishopton Primary School 222
29th P4F, Bishopton Primary School 207
30th P3F, Bishopton Primary School 205
31st P4M, Bishopton Primary School 198
32nd P3C, Bishopton Primary School 195
36th P4H, Bishopton Primary School 188
37th P3M, Bishopton Primary School 186
41st P3W, Bishopton Primary School 162
46th P4J, Bishopton Primary School 138
49th P7H, Bishopton Primary School 119
52nd P6A/G , Bishopton Primary School 114
54th P2E, Bishopton Primary School 106
57th P5M , Bishopton Primary School 93
65th P5R, Bishopton Primary School 84
73rd P2J, Bishopton Primary School 67
88th P7C , Bishopton Primary School 38

We also have four pupils in the Top 50 Pupils! Congratulations!

13th Cameron L P6M, Bishopton Primary School


15th Carly M P3A, Bishopton Primary School
34th Abigail C P3A, Bishopton Primary School
37th Seth Y P3C, Bishopton Primary School


Renfrewshire Sumdog Contest – Day 6

Well it is Day 6 of the Sumdog Contest and we now have nineteen classes who have qualified! Great effort from those who have participated.

15th P3A, Bishopton Primary School 253
23rd P5C, Bishopton Primary School 192
25th P3F, Bishopton Primary School 181
27th P3M, Bishopton Primary School 180
28th P4M, Bishopton Primary School 175
29th P6M, Bishopton Primary School 164
30th P4B , Bishopton Primary School 158
31st P4F, Bishopton Primary School 154
34th P4H, Bishopton Primary School 149
38th P3W, Bishopton Primary School 120
39th P4J, Bishopton Primary School 119
42nd P3C, Bishopton Primary School 118
49th P7H, Bishopton Primary School 92
50th P5M , Bishopton Primary School 90
56th P6A/G , Bishopton Primary School 75
59th P5R, Bishopton Primary School 73
60th P2E, Bishopton Primary School 73
67th P2J, Bishopton Primary School 54
77th P7C , Bishopton Primary School 31

We also have three pupils who are still in the Top 50 Pupils! What amazing mathematicians they are!

18th Abigail C P3A, Bishopton Primary School
29th Ruben M P4M, Bishopton Primary School
50th Rory M P3F, Bishopton Primary School