P5S – Group 1 Maths Homework

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Please read each question carefully so you understand fully what is being asked of you and the type of operation which should be used.

Each answer should show all workings and include a sentence answer. This task should be completed and returned to school by Friday.

Work It Out!

  1. Ewan has 9 pencils in his pencil case. Each pencil is 24cm in length. If Ewan lays all of the pencils out in a line, what would the total length of them be?
  1. Olivia managed to jump a distance of 245cm. What is this distance in metres and centimetres?
  1. During our gymnastics lessons, Aiden climbed to a height of 2m, 92cm. What is this height in centimetres?
  1. The Erskine Bridge is 1,310 metres in length. If Cameron S was to cycle over the bridge, and back, 3 times, what distance would he have travelled?
  1. Challenge Question Ava and Chloe S were playing a game of badminton. Ava managed to hit the shuttlecock a distance of 3m, 40cm. Chloe hit her shuttlecock a distance of 2m, 16cm. How much further did Ava hit her shuttlecock?


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