P7 Punctuation & Grammar – Homework 3

Please complete the exercise in you Spelling Homework jotter for Friday 19th May. Remember to write a title, date and complete each question fully by reading the question.

  1. Match each word to its synonym.

  1. Rearrange the words in the question below to make it a statement. Do not use additional words. Remember to punctuate your sentence correctly.

Is this book new?

3. Choose the connective in the sentence below.

As the weather became colder, the sale of coats increased.

4. Which sign uses the apostrophe correctly? Copy the correct.

5. Choose the adjective in the sentence below.

To make the sauce, chop the onions and add the ground spices.

6. Write out the words from the boxes below to complete the sentence. You can use the boxes in any order. Use commas to punctuate your list.

7. Add the missing inverted commas to the passage below.

Maya whispered , I can see a baby hedgehog ! Keep quiet so we don’t scare it .

8. Add a prefix to the beginning of each word to form its antonym.

a) ________agree

b) ________legal

c) ________regular

9. Write a pronoun that could be used to replace the underlined words in the passage below. Do not change the meaning of the sentence.

The heating in our school comes on in winter. This makes our school nice and warm.

10. Choose the adverb in the sentence below.

The old dog was still sitting on the sunlit patio.

11. Decide which word class the underlined word belongs to (verb, noun, adverb, adjective).

a) They measured the length of the room.

b) There was a measurable increase in the temperature.

c) They took measurements of their heights.

12. Complete each sentence below with is or are.

a) The good news _____________  that the trip can still go ahead.

b) The fishermen ______________  repairing the boat.

c) The number of books available ______________  increasing.


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