P7 Zombie Apocalypse – Day 2

This afternoon, we had to build a fence with a gate that opens and closes so we can go out for supplies. We used the engineering design process to help us work through our ideas. We had some materials to use and criteria.

Product Criteria:

  • Your gate must open and close with a latch.
  • Your fence must have a perimeter of least 10 cm.
  • Your fence must stand on its own and be at least 7 cm high.

Process Criteria:

  • Check the Engineering Design Process below
  • Every member of your team must contribute (suggest ideas)
  • Every member of your team must have a role (Facilitator, Resource Manager, Time Keeper, Quality Checker)
  1. Identify the problem: What is the problem the challenge wants you to solve?
  2. Identify the criteria and constraints. What are the rules of the challenge?
  3. Brainstorm possible solutions. What are some ways you can complete this challenge?
  4. Generate ideas. What are some materials you can use?
  5. Sketch a couple of ideas.
  6. Select an approach. What design did you pick? Why?
  7. Build your model or prototype. Does your design work?
  8. Refine the design. What changes did you have to make, if any?


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