P7 Maths Homework – Revision 1

Please complete the following questions in your Maths Homework jotter for Friday 5th May. Remember to write the date, title and show all of your working and write a sentence to show your final answer, where appropriate.

  1. Add together six and sixty-six.
  2. What is half of seven pounds?
  3. Multiply ninety-one by two.
  4. Subtract nought point one from two.
  5. What is one-fifth of one thousand?
  6. Multiply eight by four, then add fifty.
  7. What is the next odd number after nine hundred and ninety-nine?
  8. Take away ninety-five from one hundred and ten.
  9. How many twos are there in four hundred and forty?
  10. The perimeter of a square is one metre. How many centimetres long is each side?
  11. Which percentage is equal to three-fifths.   20%   30%   40 %   50%    60%
  12. Imagine a square-based pyramid. How many vertices does it have?
  13. Two metres of wire cost ninety pence. How much will three and quarter metres of wire cost?
  14. How many grams are there in two point seven kilograms?
  15. Complete the following sum using the BIDMAS rules.  21 – 32 x (8 – 6)
  16. Add together nine, nineteen and twenty-nine.
  17. Oranges cost fifteen pence each. I buy four oranges. How much change do I get from a two pound coin?
  18. What is the product of six and nine?
  19. When a number is divided by seven, the answer is three remainder four. What is the number?
  20. Write the multiple of eight that is between one hundred and one hundred and ten.

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