P7M Maths Homework – Money, Money, Money!

Our new Maths topic is Money. For this week’s homework task, you will need to research how much everyday items cost. You can use websites, supermarket flyers, research in the shops or the best source of information…the adults at home!

Find the average cost of the items below to make you think about how you might spend your money. You can buy any brand (or non-brand) you want and you can record the cost of the item and where you bought it from. You might also want to record if any of the items are on sale or in an offer .e.g. B.O.G.O.F. Once you have your individual prices, add them altogether to get a total. Record the information in your Maths Homework jotter for Friday 28th April.

  • first class stamp
  • loaf of bread
  • box of 120 tea bags
  • TV licence
  • six months car tax (any make/model)
  • 1kg bag of potatoes
  • tin of beans
  • box of corn flakes
  • one month’s subscription for Sky TV (you choose the packages)
  • one months’ rent for a one bedroom flat in Glasgow
  • four pints of milk
  • a bottle of washing up liquid (350-500ml)
  • a daily newspaper
  • tin of dog food
  • bottle of shampoo
  • one litre of unleaded petrol
  • bottle of Calpol
  • choose another four everyday items that your family uses regularly  and record the cost.

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