Renfrewshire Sumdog Contest – Friday 25th to Thursday 1st


Our school has been entered into the Renfrewshire Sumdog Contest which runs from 8am on Friday 25th November until 8pm on Thursday 1st December.

To take part, simply play Sumdog’s maths games. If you do not have your Sumdog Username and Password, please ask your teacher. Scores are based on accuracy, and questions tailored to your level – so everyone has a fair chance.

To make contests fair every pupil is limited to 1000 questions. However, it’s fun to take part even if students only answer a few questions.

The motivation is to climb the leader board and beat all other participating schools within Renfrewshire. You can also win rewards for your Sumdog account. Click here to find out more about the prizes.

Here are some things to keep in mind during the contest:

  • You can play at any time.
  • For the score to count, the Renfrewshire Maths Contest activity must be showing in the green panel on the left of the your screen when you click to start each game.
  • Your scores are based on correct answers.
  • A class’s score is the average of the scores from all students from that class who take part.
  • To appear on the leaderboard, at least 10 pupils from each class need to play.
  • As some pupils have limited computer access, every pupil is limited to 1000 contest questions. However, their free logins let them keep playing other activities afterwards.

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