Famous German Landmarks

Today you are going to research one of the famous landmarks of Germany –  it could be a manmade building or a natural wonder. You have to find out at least 10 facts about the landmark and create an A5 drawing of the landmark. Think about why it is famous? Why was is built? Who visits it? What is it’s history? Where is it in Germany?


Brandenburg Gate 1

Brandenburg Gate 2

Brandenburg Gate 3


Neuschwanstein Castle 1

Neuschwanstein Castle 2

Neuschwanstein Castle 3


Cologne Cathedral 1

Cologne Cathedral 2

Cologne Cathedral 3


Frauenkirche 1

Frauenkirche 2

Frauenkirche 3


Reichstag 1

Reichstag 2

Reichstag 3


Bavarian Alps – Zugspitze 1

Bavarian Alps – Zugspitze 2

Bavarian Alps – Zugspitze 3

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