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Find out all about the excellent learning in P1-4

International Book Festival – an inspirational week

We visited the Edinburgh International Book Festival this week and loved:
Chris Higgins & Emily MacKenzie: Here Comes Trouble – Finding out what makes an interesting story and what being a good friend means as we met the creators of Trouble Next Door and Trouble at School. The children loved the live illustration, guessing the creatures as they were pen and inked…
William Sutcliffe: Roll up! Roll up! – We enjoyed the “thrills, spills and all the fun of the big top as we met William and found out where he gets the ideas for all of the wacky characters in Circus of Thieves.”
John Dougherty & Tom Morgan-Jones: Dinosaurs and Dinner Ladies – Outstanding session with John performing his poetry (slightly painfully for the teachers in the audience), and Tom with his amazing ink drawings!

Gill Arbuthnott & Doug MacDonald: Who is Dracula? – Our P7s relished getting hands on learning about the science behind infection spreading, getting gory with vampirism and blood serums!

Following this visit P1-4 were inspired to write our own illustrated poetry:

We also followed this through in Forest School this week with the children designing their own stop-motion animated films and (in most cases) some rhyming stories to go along with them. This is our first efforts learning the skills and techniques prior to our submission in the Heartland Film Society Young Indies Film Competition. Quite impressive for a first go!




P1-4 New Class Dreams

We have been running transition sessions over the last few weeks for the new class and the children have been working together, indoors and out, getting to know each other and getting a feel for the learning that is going to happen next year.

Part of our sessions looked at ourselves and our hopes for the coming year and the new class have designed avatars to share this – see below.

Having had discussions about what we love to do and shared this with the group, we made some models of ourselves using clay – impressive designs below looking carefully at the mirror to include all our features and following initial instructions well to make some outstanding portraits!

New Class Clay Faces

Fraction Fruit Salads!

We have been learning about Fractions including halves, quarters, and eighths! Yesterday we made fractions out of shapes, and today we made a tasty Fruit Salad fraction mix.

There was a lot of different learning in today’s Fruit Salad mix. We had to learn how to prepare food safely; how to cut fractions; and how to be responsible for our group area!

So many of the children seemed to like the cleaning up part, so feel free to encourage it at home as well! 😉


Creative Science

Lots of fun things are happening in the P1/2 classroom. We have had more exciting visits from Ms Crooke where we have been looking at pulleys and magnetism. We made a cable car for Pulley the soft toy dog, and we had fun playing lots of games involving Magnets.

We found branches, sawed them up and made giant catapults using elastic. Ivan managed to fire his furthest. It was fun.

creative science 002

This is the Nessie marble run being made.

Working with a local artist.

We are delighted to have the chance to work with Ms Crooke ,an amazing Artist. She is working with us to produce Art work linked to our Science , which is Forces and Electricity.

We brought in toys which “go” , from home. We talked about how they work and which forces they used. After this ,we talked about what we would like to make for our first Art project with Ms Crooke. After lots of discussion we decided that we would like to make a Nessie marble run . Watch this space for further developments!