Snow School

Forest School became Snow School last week! We were designing in the snow and doing both science and mathematics challenges: fractions of natural or snow-made materials, 5 snowball doubling, using a pivot/fulcrum to fire a snowball, building snow creatures with French features and seeing how far we could move snow without pushing or pulling.

img_1540 img_1543
A: “I loved learning about forces because I learned how to move a snow ball without touching it.”

C: “I liked launching the snowballs in snow school – using a fulcrum to send it about 2 metres or more.”

E: “I loved making a snow penguin. It looked exactly like a penguin. I loved measuring how deep the snow was.”
C: “I liked the snow animals because it was hard to find stuff for the face.”
A: “During snow school we even measured out objects, telling them as fractions of a metre stick.”

Literacy in P3/4/5 this week has seen us talking and writing about our holidays, setting resolutions and doing some persuasive arguments. In French we looked at Facial Descriptions and in Chinese the New Year Animals.
M: “We were doing persuasive writing and we were doing Chinese art – amazing.”
E: “I love handwriting because I am good at it.”
C: “I enjoyed learning about the  Chinese New Year Animals.”
C: “I liked making the Chinese New Year pictures. They inspired me to remember the story.”
J: “I learnt to do a French game…the monster game where someone says numbers, colours and face parts in French and you draw them.”
E: “I enjoyed Chinese this week because we talked about Chinese New Year.”
S: “I liked my persuasive writing because I learnt how to persuade people through facts, quotes and reasons.”

In maths we were learning about multiplication, division and fractions.
A: “It was very fun doing fractions because I learned many different shapes like tenths, halves and quarters.”
M: “In maths we were learning about fractions. In science we learnt about forces and ship making.”

In Science we are looking at forces and how they affect objects by either changing their shape or making them move/stop moving, change direction, or fall to the ground. We made pirate ships that will be used to investigate different forces.
E: “I loved making the pirate ship because it improved my team work.”
C: “I liked learning about forces – like pushes and pulls.”
C: “I liked the pirate ship making because it was very, very difficult.”

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