Friday Update

This week we have been very busy in class! Here are some of our magic moments šŸ™‚

Morning Starters

I have enjoyed coming into class and having morning starters to work in. It kind of gets you started on the day especially if it links to maths. – Suzie

I like how it gets you prepared for the whole day – Dee Dee

I like it as we have to make our sentences ambitious and we can write about our weekends and things we get up to out of school – Alice

My favourite is the word challenge where you have to make as many words out of the letters you have been given – Eilidh

P.E – Team BuildingĀ 

We had to work in partners to talk and create our own team games. Miss Crawford discussed the games with us and if we had to make any changes we did so. I liked thinking about making up our own games – Regan

I liked Spyre game with Miss McNally where you had to move from one end of the hall to the other, using different movements, without getting caught by the Spyre! – Leo

It was fun getting to make our own games up and use the P.E equipment with each other – India

Art – Water colours

I liked doing the water colour landscapes as we got to go outside and choose which angle we wanted to sketch from. – Dee Dee

I enjoyed making our own designs during water colours – Alice

I liked using outdoors to make my painting as we got to take a landscape from the outdoors. – India

I enjoyed being outside when it was sunny and sketching what we could see. I liked being able to do a 1st Draft and 2nd Draft of my work. – Johnny


I liked working through my French book this week as it taught us more about French and the spellings – Tessa

I liked designing our front covers on the French Booklet – India

Library TimeĀ 

This week we went and used our school library a few times. We were able to read our own choice book, listen to Mrs McLaughlin reading and audio books. – Eilidh

I enjoyed listening to Mrs McLaughlin talk about the motorbikes – Johnny


I enjoyed doing music with Mrs Young on my clarinet. I was practising a song that I might be playing at the easter service – Tyler


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