Scottish Book Trust Trailer

This is our book trailer of Ravenstorm Island by Gillian Philip. This book is a shortlisted book for the Scottish Book Trust this year and we read it in class as our class novel.

We split the class into Directors, Actors and Prop managers. First we planned out how we were going to carry out the trailer using a storyboard template. The Directors found this useful when it came to filming!

The planning, filming and editing process took us about two weeks to complete. The scenery you will see is from our local school environment and the Directors enjoyed filming outside. We felt it was important to capture Kenmore and Scotland in the trailer.

We hope you like our trailer. Please leave comments and feedback as this will allow us to improve our next trailers!

Watch and beware, you are in for a scare!



Pupil Comments:


I enjoyed reading the book and then summarising through acting – Rylee

I enjoyed the book and learning and improving my acting skills – Dee Dee

It was really fun to act out the book – Connor

I thought that the acting was really good, considering we were not speaking and it was the first trailer that we have made as a class – Regan

I really enjoyed being Mason at the end of the trailer as we had to make it really creepy – Fraser

The book was amazing and I liked improving my acting skills as Arthur – Tyler

It was really fantastic being a director because I helped make the acting scenes – Johnny

I enjoyed being a director because I liked taking all of the pictures and videos – Rory

It was really fun being an actor and reading the book – Liam

My favourite part is the end of the trailer as it is creepy with the light – Ethan

My favourite part was when we all acted out the stone children scene outside – Alice

It was really fun trying to get as many similarities from the book as we could and using Kenmore during the scenes – Archie


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One thought on “Scottish Book Trust Trailer”

  1. This is an awesome trailer, Megan and Charlie who have read the book think you did a great job and got the right tone. Jago in P3 is looking forward to reading it next year!

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