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Digital Parenting Magazine

Vodafone have been producing this excellent resource for parents and teachers. Full of invaluable advice and resources, this magazine answers the questions about how to navigate an ever changing digital landscape for both you and your child. For teachers, it gives an insight into the wide range of issues that exist around Digital Literacy and Citizenship.

Issue 5 contains advice on things like screen time, digital resilience, the laws around sexting

Issue 4

Issue 3

Issue 2

Issue 1

Create Editable PDF files

pdfescapeOften we get hold of a pdf that you would just like to fill in, rather than print out, fill in and then scan and email. Too much of a faff to be honest.

PDFEscape is a site that allows you to upload a pdf and draw form fields in the places you would like to write in. Simply then save the file and you will have created an editable PDF that other can fill in, save and return to you.

We’ve used it a lot with exam/test papers to support pupils at home and to cut down on printing. One positive/negative aspect, depending on how you feel about it, is there is less time trying to decipher other people’s handwriting!]

Here’s a quick “How To”

Coding resources for Primary

There has been a real upsurge in development in supporting Primary teachers with Computing Science and Monday September 5th saw the launch of Barefoot Computing resources for Scotland, resources for Early, First and Second level Computing Science.

These resources Continue reading Coding resources for Primary

Coding skills using AppLab from Code.org

Computing Science is a subject which is developing into a real necessity in encouraging the skills and attitudes of learners in a digital economy. Over the last few years educators and industry have recognised that coding skills are an important part of developing computational thinking skills.

There are a Continue reading Coding skills using AppLab from Code.org

Animation 17 Competition

This massively successful competitions is for all ages and is a fantastic way to engage young people in writing, reading, performing and animating. Last years entries were from all age groups and there are loads of different categories. Check out some Continue reading Animation 17 Competition

Simple Computer Aided Design with Tinkercad

formula-1-tinkercadGetting into the maker-makey world  in Primary can be tricky – so many of the apps that are used are the full sized professional apps. There are a few other apps that are pretty robust – google sketch for example – but this online CAD software from Autodesk Continue reading Simple Computer Aided Design with Tinkercad