How to use Sway

We’ve all being doing PowerPoint for a LONG time now and at times we’ve become sick to death of them. There is a new presentation tool available, also created by Microsoft, which uses a really simple toolset for really impressive results. You can, for example, take a Microsoft Word document and drop it into Sway and it will create the sections and slides and titles that are in your draft. You can add video, slideshows, twitter feeds and a whole host of other content. The killer is that you can then share it with everyone and anyone online because Sway is free for everyone and can be viewed through any browser.

Here’s a great example- this presentation runs vertically (click on it and then scroll) but you can remix the sway any number of ways.

Disruptive Trends in Education

Getting started is easy and below you’ll find great tutorials for building your first Sway.

How to build a presentation in Sway


How to build a presentation in Sway – Part 2

Creating a tutorial using Sway

How to share a Sway

How to create an engaging newsletter in Sway

How to collaborate on Sway