P5 Healthy Hands Tuck Shop

Healthy Tuck Shop

Primary Five are starting a tuck shop called Healthy Hands.  They want to encourage all pupils to make healthier choices.  Children can come along to their tuck shop tomorrow at break time and each Thursday thereafter.  Please do not bring a snack from home on tuck shop days if you are intending on buying something from the tuck shop.  Children will be encouraged to pick one item from the tuck shop.  There will also be an exotic fruit taster plate for children to try free of charge.

Price List

Fruit Kebabs – 40p

Watermelon Slice – 20p

Snack a Jacks – 30p

Belvita x2 – 40p

School Bars – 40p

Fruit Bowls – 40p

Cereal Bars – 40p

Breadsticks x2 – 20p

Kallo Yoghurt topped rice cakes – 30p

Raisins – 20p

Frubes –  40p

Come along and enjoy a healthy snack!

Primary 1 Transition

Primary 1 Transition

The Nursery/Primary 1 transition programme will begin formally in May. Staff from the school will begin to visit the nursery schools too. The timetable is as follows:


Date Time Comment
Wednesday 2nd May 9.50am – 10.30am These are optional sessions. Tea/coffee will be available to parents while they wait.
Wednesday 9th May 9.50am – 10.30am
Wednesday 16th May 9.15am – 10.30am Formal Session 1

Parents and children to attend.

Uniform supplier will be available as required.*

Wednesday 23rd May 10.45am – 12.15pm Formal Session 2

Parents and children to attend.

Children will have lunch in the cafeteria.


*Please note: you are under NO obligation to use our uniform supplier