Transport Consultation

The consultation to change school transport arrangements in North Lanarkshire is now open and will run until Tuesday 9 January 2018.

Free school provision in North Lanarkshire is more generous than the statutory national guidelines and the consultation focuses on proposals to increase the qualification for entitlement to free school transport:

for primary school pupils from more than 1 mile from their home to their catchment school to more than 2 miles.
for secondary school pupils from more than 2 miles from their home to their catchment school to more than 3 miles.
You can take part in the consultation by:

completing one of the consultation packs (available in the “downloads” section)
electronically by using the “contact us”
Or you can come along to one of the public meetings:

Tuesday 21 November 7pm to 9pm – St Andrew’s HS, Coatbridge
Wednesday 22 November 7pm to 9pm – Clyde Valley HS, Wishaw
Thursday 23 November 7pm to 9pm – Cardinal Newman HS, Bellshill
Friday 24 November 7pm to 9pm – Kilsyth Academy
Tuesday 28 November 7pm to 9pm – Greenfaulds HS, Cumbernauld
Wednesday 29 November 7pm to 9pm – Chryston HS
Thursday 30 November 7pm to 9pm – St Margaret’s HS, Airdrie
Friday 1 December 7pm to 9pm – Our Lady’s High School, Motherwell

Click on the link below to take you to the NLC website where you can find more information and the download packs.
School Transport Consultation

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