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Infant Star Badge Award

Congratulations to all our infant star badge award winners this week.

Room 1 – Cara for great listening and behaviour at Almond Valley.

Room 2 – Faithrich for great phonics work.

Room 3 – John Jacob for helping his friends to follow class rules.

Room 4 – Mark for great behaviour at Almond Valley.

Room 5 – David for great addition using a number line.

Room 6 – Maria for being confident when playing in Almond Valley.

MP Room – Zuzia for matching numbers 0-10 and handing them back one at a time when asked.

Infant Head Teacher Award

Room 1 – John for great participation with actions for phonic songs.

Room 2 – Amy for great letter writing to local shops and parents.

Room 3 – Ahyan for excellent phonics learning the letter ‘s’.

Room 4 – Zakk for great work on 3D shape.

Room 5 – Lee for great addition work.

Room 6 – Lily for excellent number work.

MP Room – Reece for matching parts of a car and helping to stick them down.

Infant Star Badge Award

Room 1 – Cara for great sitting in the dinner and not moving until she’s told.

Room 2 – Blair for great independent working and leadership skills.

Room 3 – John Jacob for playing on the bikes at playtime.

Room 4 – Maddison for great speaking!

Room 5 – Melissa for helping her friends in class.

Room 6 – Stevie for sharing in the dinner hall.

MP Room – Ehsaan for using a symbol to ask for the fan to be turned on.

Infant PE and Swimming Highlights 2017-2018

Thanks to Miss McEwan for making this video of the progress made by the wonderful boys and girls in the infant department this year.  Today the infant department had their sports day and it was a BIG success with lots of hard work, determination and skill which earned everyone a medal.  Well done to everyone and a big thanks to Miss McEwan for organising such a wonderful day.  On to the junior sports day tomorrow!

Infant Star Badge – Friday 18th May

Room 1 – Cara for great participation, planting seeds and watering our pea plants.

Room 2 – Amy for great effort in her solo practice for the summer arts festival.

Room 3 –  Ryan for great participation in outdoor learning day activities.

Room 4 – Ava for moving around all the activities with a big smile on outdoor learning day.

Room 5 – Anthony for great teamwork in our outdoor learning day.

Room 6 – Aiden for participating positively in outdoor learning day.

MP Room – Ehsaan for helping to collect print outs from the printer and carry them back to class.

Infant Star Badges – 20/4/2018

Here are the infant star badges from today. Well done boys and girls!

Room 1 – Tommy for great signing ‘Play please’

Room 2 – Todd for great climbing at the park and being brave going down the big slide.

Room 3 – Craig for working hard using his PECS symbols at snack time.

Room 4 – Brayden for great art work on his cherry blossom tree.

Room 5 – Anthony for working hard on his writing.

Room 6 – John for listening to instructions during Forest Schools.

MP Room – Reece for listening to an adult.