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Hi everyone,
Thought I’d share an opportunity that we are able to open up to the wider community. We’re hosting an online webinar for parents and carers next
Tuesday 5th May at 11am with Jim Taylor from JimKnowsAutism consultancy onAutism in lockdown: ensuring a positive experience and preparation for the transition. Feel free to share with families who may benefit from this. They can contact for more details by email or call our office on 01236 779191 (see flyer attached).  Jim will deliver a presentation for the first 40 minutes session, which will be followed by a short 10/15 minute break and a question and answer session (optional) to allows parents and carers to ask specific questions.

Here’s more info:

Title: Autism and Lockdown. Ensuring a positive experience and preparing for the transition.
These two 40 minute sessions will explore the common themes and issues that families around the country are experiencing.
In Session 1, Jim will share his recent experiences in working with numerous families and individuals. He will provide advice and guidance on addressing these issues with a view to making this Lockdown a more positive experience for all. In addition, the knowledge and skills needed for the transition back into school/workplaces/normal family life will be explored.
Session 2 will be a Question and Answer session.


Hope for Autism


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