Infant Head Teacher Award and Star Badge 11th May 2018

Head Teacher 

Room 1 – Mia for great phonics on the BenQ board writing ‘e’.

Room 2 – Karli for fully participating in class lessons all week.

Room 3 – Jake for great art work making bear masks for the teddy bear picnic.

Room 4 – Marty for great work on a shape picture all by himself.

Room 5 – Callum for great work on his news.

Room 6 – Connor for excellent subtraction work.

MP Room – Nathan for using a big spoon to eat his lunch.

Star Badge

Room 1 – John great sitting and participation at circle time.

Room 2 – Courtney for pushing her limits and going outside her comfort zone.

Room 3 – John Jacob for participation in class activities.

Room 4 – Zakk for being a good friend holding Borys’ hand.

Room 5 – David for trying hard to remain on the ‘sun’ chart.

Room 6 – Melissa for being safe when crossing the road.

MP Room  – Sam for getting the orange juice at snack time and asking ‘orange juice please’

Junior Star Badge 9th May 2018

Star Badge

Room 7 – Nathan for being brave!

Room 8 – Dylan for being so responsible with his behaviour and Lewis who was nominated by other teachers for being so kind to others at Friday football.

Room 9 – Lewis T for trying hard with his time work.

Room 10 – Josh – for using his symbols to communicate.

Room 11 – Adam T for working hard on his work.

Room 12 – Keir for trying hard to not be distracted by others’ behaviour.