What to do for Modern Languages over the next few weeks…

Please check your Glow.  Your teacher may have added you to a Team and put files up online for you to work through.

Go on the following websites to practise the topics you’ve been studying in school:


Make a note of new vocab and try all the activities.  Beginners (S1 and S2) or Intermediate (S3 and S4)


Quizlet is also available – put the following codes into your Google browser:

For French

  • S1 –
  • S2 –
  • S3 –
  • S4 –
  • S5 –

For German


Take your time to work through the different sets.

Atantot extra

Play games like penalty shoot, fling the teacher to practise vocabulary


This is great for grammar and for vocabulary – there are drills with immediate feedback so very useful.


languages online french topics

This is great for games to practise different topics


This can be played yourself – just search through for any Kahoot on any topic you’ve covered this year so far.


S4/5/6 – Scholar will be available; if you don’t have your login, check with your teacher as soon as possible.


Any questions, please contact us by  email or through Glow!

Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Graham









Rosetta Stone, an online language learning platform that gets good reviews, is offering its services free for 3 months.  It’s quite expensive, so set a reminder cancelling it, but go on and have a shot at it.  You can even do other languages if you feel so inclined.