S1 vocab

Here is all the vocabulary you need for each unit of work in S1.

French basic vocab


C’est perso

Module 1

Mon Collège

Module 2

Mes Passetemps

Module 3

Ma Zone

Module 4

3.2.1 Partez

Module 5


S1 Scheme of Work

S1 French: Term 1 (Aug to Dec)

Revision from Primary School Greetings, Name, Age, Numbers


3.01a, 02a, 03a, 05a, 07b, 08a,b13b, Greetings poster Dept worksheets and bookletsStudio 1 Mod 1 ‘C’est perso’ Vocabulary test Greetings posters in French across school. Staff given Greetings in French to use in class.Social Studies – Lifestyles and Cultures of people in other countries

‘ La bise’, Saying ‘Hello’ in various languages

Nouns in FrenchDefinite and Indefinite articles.   Learn noun forms Departmental Nouns bookletLabo Grammaire ICT activities

Active Teach – Grammar exercises

Nouns poster Links with nouns in English
Revise j’aime/ je n’aime pas / j’adore / je deteste 2- 03b,2- 07a,2-11c, 2-11d, 2-13a Homework booklet P Studio 1 Mod 1 Unite 1 Pages 8-9ActiveTeach – video Likes/ dislikes cards
Revise Classroom objectsAdd ‘Mon kit de Survie’ vocabulary. 2- 01c, 02a,2- 11a, 2-12a Homework booklet ‘Metro’ 1– P8-9 & worksheets‘ Mon kit de survie’.

Studio 1 Mod 1 Unite 2 P10-11+comments

‘Mon Kit de Survie’ poster using extended vocabulary.
Personality traits 2- 03a, 05b2-08a,2-13b Homework booklet Dept worksheetsMetro 1 P33, Studio 1 Mod 1 Unite 3 Vocabulary test
Basic adjective agreement personality, colours, nationalities Dept wksheets   Science – The Colour Spectrum
Describing Eyes and Hair 3-01a, 05a,10a,13b Metro 1 p30-31Studio 1 Mod 1 Unite 4

Dept materials and Power Points

Vocabulary test
Height and WeightExtended description – Fred   Wanted Poster Metro 1 P32Departmental materials Vocabulary testDescribe friend card
Avoir and Etre Learn off by heart Dept worksheets, Quia.com websiteActiviscope – dept produced exercises.

Group activities, Etre board game

Verb test
Describe a musician. 3- 01a, 07b3-10a,2-14a Homework booklet Studio 1 Mod 1 Unite 5 Power Point presentation about a musician Links with Guitar Hero in Business StudiesFrench culture – BB Brune pop group ,FLA input
Studio Module 1 Units 1-5 Revision unit


Revision Studio 1 P19-25, 118-119Dept helpsheets

Extra extension vocabulary for speaking

Assessment 1Reading, Listening, Speaking – dialogue
Schools in FranceBackground


Departmental sheets Social Education and different school systemsMary Glasgow magazines, bbcclips online

France Live. FLA input

School SubjectsRevise likes and dislikes Homework booklet Bbcclips onlineDepartmental worksheets

Metro P 40 – 41, plus dept worksheets

Vocabulary test
Reasons for liking and disliking subjects 3- 01b, 03a,07b08b,13b,3-13b Departmental worksheet Studio 1 Mod 2 Unite 2Metro P 41, plus dept worksheets Vocabulary test
Telling the Time   Depart. bookletHomework booklet Departmental worksheets, bookletsStudio 1 Mod 2 Unite 3 Timetables

Metro 1 Page 42-43

Vocabulary test Time in different world zones
Christmas in France  3- 03a,06a,09a,11a, 11c, 13a Studio 1 Page 42-43Departmental materials


Links with RME dept – religious celebrationsFLA input


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