Remote Learning Week Beginning 8th February


I hope you are all well and are enjoying/surviving the snow!

We are going to use this strange little two-day school week to revise some of the skills we have learned so far this year. Given the shortness of the week, instead of posting a prescribed day-to-day Activity Grid, I will be uploading a number of different activities for each group that the children can choose from each day. There will be Literacy, Maths and Other activities; It would be great if the children could do at least one activity from each subject on both Thursday and Friday! The Literacy and Maths activities are labelled by group name and are zipped up in the files below!

Friday marks the beginning of Chinese New Year – so all of the activities are based on the celebration. There will be information PowerPoints available to download and we will be listening to a themed story during our Teams Meeting on Thursday this week.

If the children are hungry for extra work, it is always useful to practice previous sounds and spelling words. This can be done through a number of different activities – Rainbow Spelling, Spelling Pyramids, Robot Letters, Giant Writing or anything else that engages the children. Next week we will be returning to our normal weekly grid.

Be safe!




Chinese New Year Information

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