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Hallowe’en Party

Banton Primary was ‘a fright for sore eyes’ on Friday 30 October as ‘something strange’ came over the pupils and transformed them into an array of fantastical sights!  Here are ‘just a few’ photos.

Each class paraded around the hall in front of parents/carers while the judges made their decisions.  It really was a tough job for them.  Thank you Audrey and Ann, our lovely catering staff.  Here are some of our parades.

It was a busy afternoon with lots of fun games including witches and goblins, corners, musical monsters and dancing competitions.  A big thank you to Mrs McKay for running the party.

Time for some pretty potions and monsterous fuel as pupils tuck into party treats!  Thank you to parents/carers for your contributions. Thank you to our support staff for setting up and decorating the tables, organising the treats and wrapping the children’s raffle prizes, especially Mrs Cheape and Mrs Miller.  Thanks to P4-7 and Mrs Pearce for their lovely art work which helped the hall set the scene for the party.

And finally thank you to parents/carers for ensuring everyone had a costume and for your great imagination.  How do you top these costumes for next year?

Little quiet, much younger children came to see their big brothers and sisters too.  Someone was even brave enough to come out and do a costume parade.  Thank you.

Remembrance Sunday


Members of the community and local Councillors came together today at Banton Church to remember those who had gone to war and those who never came home.


Our  Locum Minister, Mr Gordon McInally led the special memorial service amidst the beautiful bagpipe music.  Deputy Provost Jean Jones, Cllr McVey and Cllr Stevenson attended to pay their respects alongside their community.

The Community Council invited pupils from Banton Primary to lay a wreath on their behalf.

Although this was a sombre occasion, it was lovely to see the younger and older members of the community coming together on Remembrance Sunday.

“Lest we forget!”

Poppy Scotland

Football Festival

Pupils from Primary 6 & 7 joined up with pupils from Chapelgreen Primary to enter into a cluster football festival on 21 October.  This was our first venture as partnership schools and it was a very positive experience for all.  A number of people commented on how well the pupils from both schools had performed as a team and showed appreciation for the talents within their team as well as the talent within the other teams.   Here are some photos from the event.


Primary 1 pupils visited Tesco at Craigmarloch on 20 October to learn about the journey of food from its source to the cupboard or plate.   They were joined by pupils from Chapelgreen Primary which increased our numbers from 4 to 13!  They waited for the deliveries and helped to bring these into the store.


They visited the butcher and the fishmonger.

IMG_1693              IMG_1692


They explored how fish looked before it was prepared for cooking.

They used their senses to explore different fruits and vegetables and then tasted some of these.

Then they decorated a few nibbles!

Thank you very much Doreen and the Farm to Fork Team at Craigmarloch Tesco.

Pond Dipping at Banton Loch

Primaries 2, 3, & 4 went pond dipping to Banton Loch, led by Mr Carter from the Scottish Wildlife Watch.  Despite the rain, pupils donned waterproofs and wellies to embark on their long walk to the loch.  They discovered a variety of pond life which they shared when they returned to school.  Thank you Mr Carter.

Banton Flower Show 12.9.15

The Banton Flower Show is an annual event when members of the community enter their prized vegetables, plants, flowers, home-baking and more, in a competition.  Here are some of the exhibits.

Baking and decorating was also very popular.

Pupils from Banton Primary created artwork and this was judged with first prize being awarded a gold certificate, second prize, a silver certificate, and third prize, a bronze certificate.  Well done to everyone for their fantastic entries.

You can have a lot of fun creating a miniature garden.  These girls won first prize.  Congratulations!

Creative arrangements with homegrown produce was also popular.

The Banton Flower Show is always looking for new categories to enter into their competitions, especially to attract the young and old.  This could include photography, crafts and some unusual ideas as pictured below.

Do you have any ideas for next year?  Please contact the Banton Community Annual Flower Show via their facebook page.

Banton Art Work for the Flower Show

Pupils at Banton Primary School were delighted to participate in the Flower Show by creating artwork about flowers.  Primaries 1-3 using different materials and techniques.

Primary 1 used paint, Primary 2 used shading and colour and Primary 3 used paint, colour and collage.  Which one is your favourite?

Primaries 4-7 used a variety of media.  They began by creating one drawing and then photocopied it a further three times.  They then used colour to get the pop art look as created by Andy Warhol.  How successful have they been?

Harvest Assembly

Banton Primary were delighted to welcome family, friends and members of the community to their special Harvest Assembly.ipad 136

Our guests included Jamie Hepburn MSP, Jean Jones Depute Provost, Gordon McInally, Locum Minister and representatives from our business partners, Doreen Reid and Kevin (Tesco) and senior citizens from Craig en Goyne.

ipad 135

Pupils from Primaries 1 to 7 shared their learning about Harvest and produce that comes from around the world.  Primaries 1-4 were exploring the foods that the character ‘Flat Stanley’ visited on his travels while Primaries 5-7 did their own research into foods from different continents.  Well done to everyone for a fantastic performance.

Mr McInally asked for volunteers to illustrate a harvest story from the bible.  This helped pupils understand the message within.

ipad 137

Mrs McKay, Principal Teacher and Primary 1 pupils presented our local senior citizens with a little harvest gift.

This was followed by a beautiful cream tea set out in the hall.  There were lots of memories being shared over a scone and a cuppa.

We would like to thank parents/carers, staff and members of the community for their generous donations to our raffle.  There were beautiful prizes which included scarves, biscuits, wine, chocolates, flowers and a harvest hamper.  Mrs Henderson (senior) won the hamper.  Congratulations!

A final thanks goes to staff who worked hard to ensure this event was a success including Mrs McKay for organising it, the support staff for setting up the event and Mrs Cheape and Mrs Miller for preparing the eats and being great hosts.  Thank you boys and girls for your beautiful singing and performance.

Harvest is a time for giving and working together.  At Banton Primary, we would like to continue to do this throughout the year and throughout our lives.